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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Ever Changing Medium of Expression

Books were my first glimpse into the world mind, my first window into the archive of human ideas. And they were also the first place I found out I wasn't the only one thinking this stuff. That it couldn't be just me making it up, because other people, whom I had never met, were writing the same thoughts in books years before I was born. I can't begin to tell you how many great "discoveries" I considered my original finds, only later to learn some guy wrote that same thing two hundred years ago. Books showed me that 'my' ideas were neither original, nor merely a product of my imagination, they seem to filter through many minds from one source.

Music was my next teacher. Showing me more than rhythms and instruments with some lyrics sprinkled on top, it was in music that I saw how effectively a message could spread and affect the minds of millions of listeners for the rest of their lives. I also noticed the most adored songs had messages that ran deep into the human psyche, and those songs all seemed to be in tune with some universal harmony resonating with those ideas I had, and had read in so many books----those very same ideas and concepts permeated the medium of music too.

Movies made it obvious that not only could others see these same ideas and visions, which at one time I thought to be my own, but they were able to present them into a moving visual collage to show the audience a story rather than tell them. In just one scene, movies said unspeakable stories.

Writing was my first experience being able to capture these intangible ideas and visions. Where ever (and whatever) the source from which they come. While writing, it seems the world mind reads me and recites universal streams of data through my pen to leave lines I later read and find ... informative.     

Video creation now allows a massive amount of complex visual data to be presented to an audience in a matter of minutes. This rapid transmission of information allows ideas to spread faster across the world mind than most all other mediums combined.  

Chad Lilly,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wiki-Stinks of Cointelpro #WikiLeaks

There is one thing you'll never see on TV, and that's something they don't want you to see. And where did the world first learn about WikiLeaks?

Media is the most effective weapon of war. When you can handcraft the paradigm of the masses it becomes much easier to win their hearts and minds ... because you're the one telling them how to feel and what to think in the first place.

Everything you see on TV is written, filmed, edited, produced and approved by The Machine, because mainstream media IS a product of The Machine. 

So the idea that something The Machine really wants to keep secret would be broadcast across every TV screen in the Matrix leads me to believe that WikiLeaks stinks of Cointelpro.

To put it in perspective to the world of social media ... imagine you have 1 million followers on Twitter or 1 million subscribers on YouTube ... would you allow someone to broadcast a message to your audience of which you did not approve? Then, why would you assume commercial broadcasting companies would ever allow one second of content to go out over their satellites ... unless it was a message already approved by The Machine they serve?

The only inside information we need ... is inside us already.

Chad Lilly,

PS, have you heard? A Day in the Mind was finally approved
for US Kindle Distribution, after three months of being 'in review'
(thanks Amazon)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


For the moment and within it wrapped
each and every life that has lived
and passed
having carved out
another unique path
upon which we walk daily ...

Thankful for ying and well as yang.

For days that turn to nights and seasons shadowing cycles
and spirals of ever inward expansion
in all directions simultaneously ... I'm grateful
for the glimpses I get, the snapshots past
and the always present future ...
my camera---being spiritual---has no film
for distortion to cloud or
perception to erode
over those memories we call time ...

I'm thankful for the chance to interact with the essence
behind the matter of facts---directly being read by the mind of All
and for the ability to talk back when I disagree.

My freedom to will and even to choose my own wrong choices ...
I'm Thankful mostly for my voice
and grateful that you listen

Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm lines in the night
spoken both aloud
and whispered ...

writing pictures painted
by unseen painters
with invisible ink

like a soul's life-line

my edges can be
difficult to trace
with mere finger-tips

my profile
merely a glimpse
of my many inner faces:

I'm what the rabbit
Alice was following
was late for ...

the night that makes the eve hallowed

a spring in a gear that turns a wheel
behind the face of Father Time ...

I'm ... a single birthday candle
burning for Earth's adopted children ...

{make a wish}

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Louder Than Words

an internal play
on words self-defined...
every now
every vow
a promise
a truth
in actions
louder than

evergreen dreams, (coming soon) - Chad Lilly A Day in the Mind Uncommon Sense

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Instant Writing #33

Everything is a facade ... vanity is king in the land of make-believe ... we are all pawns, knights, bishops, and queens engaged in a game of endless chess ... check ... rook seven to queen four ... every move is another step towards ... balance ... everyone wants to win the game ... acceptance and love being the goal ... everyone wants more ... and I don't mean for Christmas ... surely Jesus would have to laugh at that ... but who am I to question? ... or present evidence contrary to the facts at hand? ... believe what you want ... believe what you will ... swallow the multi-colored pills prescribed by the same organization who orchestrated the Tuskegee experiment for forty-years ... oops ... can I say that yet? Yes, that was declassified in 1989 ... now I'm allowed to say it aloud ... always remember / follow protocol ... CYA ... leave no loose ends ... no liabilities ... leave bread crumbs leading in the opposite direction ... be like the fox who lays tracks where he didn't go ... it's all for show ... use their perceptions against them ... other children grew up learning to play football ... repair cars ... or just watch the T.V. ... I learned about 'problem - reaction - solution' modus operandi and DUMB's ... about HAARP and AI drones ... about the properties of electromagnetic frequencies applied to states of resonance on human beings ... 12.3 GHz makes humans BE ... 13.2 aggravates them ... 9 makes them sad ... 5 or less is suicide ... and 14 plus makes them postal ... these are still things I'm not allowed to speak aloud ... but I've never been so good with authority ... like I said ... everything is a facade ... a charade coming apart at the seams ... and our own beliefs are the most effective weapon ... being used against us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thought Traffic

Follow me on this ...

approx. half the world
is sleeping, while
half the world is awake

literally, I mean, on one
side of the world it's dark
and the masses are asleep,
on the other it's day
and people are awake
and living their lives ...

what if ... one is a cause
of effects in the other?

what if ... the alpha wave states
from millions of people dreaming,
stream into the consciousness
of those awake?

what if ... our dreams are actually
scenes from the lives of others?

every artists paints
or writes
or drinks
or plays at night
because there is
less 'thought traffic'
with the masses
fast asleep,
there's more room
in the ether for dreamers to see
through the window
in the mind ... and view
that landscape made
of light, rather than matter,
where dreams are lucid lives
lived daily.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flying Dreams

'Floating' would be a more accurate description of what occurs in many of my dreams, just an ability to hover inches or feet off the ground, especially in moments of anxiety. The act of floating also seems to trigger my ability to be awake in the dream ... or to be lucid. In moments of danger, or boredom, (as in last night's dream) ... I find myself able to hover above situations, or a crowd of people, and from that point of view I continue as an active observer within the dream.

Last night was only a half lucid dream. I was aware that I was in a dream and able to choose my own actions, such as the hovering, however, I continued to follow the storyline of the dream, even though it was quite mundane. 

I was working for my uncle's roofing company and doing the day to day work (which is brutal by the way), and during our breaks the whole crew was standing around the site talking or having lunch ... and this is where the hovering began. (My uncle, Paul, eventually had to pull me aside to basically say, "Hey, knock of all this flying around and get back to work.")

I think dreams are real. Real worlds in which we 'live', not with our bodies, but with the parts of ourselves that are eternal and not limited to any set number of dimensions. 

I also think the worlds are merging. The dream world and the 'real' world are slowly becoming the same place and this is why: What we think --- happens.

Good Morning.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Divine Chaos (only for this moment)

I am alive
and flowing
with the stream

rising when the current
falling when the current

this is the nature
of being alive
in a world where
change is the constant.

Only in the stream
are we awake
enough to create
what we desire

only in the stream
are we alpha
and omega combined

only in the stream
can we align ourselves
with synchronicity ...

so be here now.

The past and future
are truly illusions,
our prayers and regrets
are equally useless ...
if everything really
happens for a reason.

Both fear and faith
are based on the assumption
that we have control over
a n y t h i n g

either this moment is divinely timed
perfectly in the stream---or it's just chaos
happening at random---you can decide;
but either way, this truth remains:
what can you really do about it?

So let go of the rope,
loosen the noose
from around your neck
and breathe in a breath
of this moment's air

it's all you can do
it's all that makes sense
it's all that will ever make
the nausea go away;
even if it's only
for this moment.

Sounds of Autumn

Sounds of Autumn fall all around my ears, while I observe landscapes of green fading back to brown. Time has a way of playing with perceptions, her face is filled with hands always reaching for that next second ... in spite of this one.

Spinning seasons cycle our RNA and we call them: Changes. Our very nature is encoded with the shifts we seek to see from the outside----in, we're more than men pretending to be mice running in vertical circles ... around and around ... spinning our wheel to turn another gear in the machine we run ... in the machine that runs us.

Unplug from their reflections and connect with your inner messages ... speak prophecy ... write YOURS rather than repeating (His)story to your children.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

humans being light

I'm certain the seas of change
will cause the tides to rise
higher than the waterline
of accepted norms

above the marks
of individuals

beyond the storms
of cause and effect

to mesh with the
unity underneath
the chaos we see
on the surface

wind rippled waters
chop tranquility
into pieces
too small to taste

into minutes
too few to notice

into doublespeak
spoken on tv
by politicians
seeking a bigger office
and better view of the world
begging at their feet

what a relief death must be
to those who've lived their life
as slaves to the illusion

daily devoted
to worshipping the flesh
seeking to remedy the fear
with excessive
material possession
and instant gratification
designed to feed every
glutton's hunger
for more

what tragedy must it be
to never have known
the treasure you seek
has been hidden inside you
by the maker of gold

how ironic that if ever
'the silver cord be loosed'
the soul's connection
with the body

what divine order
governs and guides
this silent symphony
of echoes

repeated over lifetimes
into the ears of children
who grow up and remember
to be more than the sum
of their environment added to
false truths believed since birth

to be more than consumers
with coupons to purchase
a life sentence at half
the advertised retail price

how nice it would be
if each and every soul
said, "No."
to the sales pitch
of separation
and, "Yes."
to the connection
we share as
humans being light
made of matter
and scattered like
dust by universal winds
blowing dark matter
around in circles and disturbing
the fabric of creation
with holes we tear
into ourselves.

- evergreen dreams, Chad Lilly

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Interview Questions: The Bailey Consortium

Mike "Tiny" Bailey, The Bailey Consortium -
Blog Interview Questions for Chad Lilly:

What is the name of your company/business? - InnerCircle Publishing

What got you into this business originally and how long have you been doing it?

I founded ICP in 2000 and I started it to create a way for those writing 'awareness' to have a place to publish it.

What is your favorite aspect of what you do?

Watching thoughts become things that contribute to the world around us.

What would you say is your specific area of expertise?

Design. I've created both the interior page layouts and cover designs for about 90% of the 70 titles we're published.

What can you tell my readers about a normal day in your business?

That it's different every single day, seven days a week, depending on our current publishing projects and daily activities. Aside from publishing, we also run a network of radio shows called Aware Talk Radio with 12 live shows per week hosted by our Authors. Some days I'm dreaming up a book cover design and then creating it, some days I'm figuring and paying monthly sales compensation to Authors, some days I'm updating the website with new features, other days I'm mostly on Twitter promoting the work we publish.

What 5 things would you say are the most important contributing factors to how your end product turns out?:

1 - The Author's vision for the book.
2 - Our ability to design and create something original based on the Author's vision. We don't use templates, every title is an original design.
3 - The experience we've acquired from designing and publishing over 70 titles.
4 - Our high end print quality for perfect bound / hardcover / full color books.
5 - At ICP, the Author retains 100% creative control over their book designs by providing the final approval, so they are happy with it before it ever goes to print.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone new to your industry?

For Authors?: Publishing the book will be the easy part, the work comes afterward, forever. For Publishers?: If you fail to incorporate cooperation into your existing structure, you will no longer be around.

Where can my readers view your work and find out more about you or your business? - - -

How do you market your business? What works well for you? (facebook, linkedin, myspace, filedby, yellow pages, tv ads, etc)

We've never advertised conventionally, ICP has always grown by word of mouth. And now that word of mouth is more digital via social media sites like you mentioned, we use them ALL.

If you could network with any three complimentary business, what types of business would they be?:

1 - A syndicated radio network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on their for their audience.
2 - A syndicated television network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on for their audience.
3 - Book promoters from the PUBLIC, directly connected with us to offer our work to their audience for referrals.

If you could partner with any three people/companies specifically, who would they be?

1 - Premier Radio Networks
2 - Rolling Stone Magazine (they could use a cover designer) ;-p
3 - Those aware and willing to share our work because they see it too.

Would you tell my readers some about your personally? (family, likes, dislikes, hobbies):

- I'm an only child.
- Likes: Wine. Unanswerable Questions & Red Heads. ;-)
- Dislikes: Internet Trolls.
- Hobbies: Twitter.

Tell us about your published works and what inspired you.

I began writing poetry at the age of 15, and I've yet to discover where it really comes from, or why I can hear it.

How can my readers contact you for your services?

From any of our websites, via twitter @icpchad or even directly by phone 509 895 9023.

THANKS for the questions.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

evergreen dreams

My vocabulary is
a seamless verse
of lines combined
with the meaning
of infinity written
on paper ... this is
no scapegoat for
feeling ... this is
both reason and
rhyme mixed with
the metaphors
of living ... awake,
aware, and breathing
an endless sigh
of relief ... I write
my epitaph daily,
no editing needed,
I am verse as free
as any penned
by Whitman,
by Thoreau,
by Bukowski ...
I am scripture
and recited
by devotees
kneeling not
in prayer, but
lives lived in
evergreen dreams

- evergreen dreams - Chad Lilly

Monday, August 9, 2010

try it when ...

it's easy to smile
after winning the lottery

it's easy to smile
when you're not bleeding
internally or infected
with life-threatening

it's easy to be nice
when the sky is blue
and birds are
singing your song

it's easy to give
when you have it all

it's easy to love puppies
and kittens and bunny rabbits

it's easy to praise God
for the blessings

sunshine and ice cream

it's easy to see
the beauty around you
when you feel
beautiful inside

but it's hard to smile
after being kicked
in the teeth

or stabbed in the knee

it's hard to be patient
when you are on fire

it's hard to be nice
with people standing
on your tongue

it's difficult to be
thankful for toxic waste
and BTK

it's hard to breathe
when oxygen smells
like ammonia

it's hard to be optimistic
when you're face down in vomit
and can't get up

it's easy to see
why some people
don't make it.

- evergreen dreams, Chad Lilly

Monday, August 2, 2010

Homemade Reality

Today's thoughts
are the cause
of tomorrow's

actions multiplied
collectively equal
the future

today's sins
become tomorrow's

we are cause
and their corresponding effects

we have the ability
to form conclusions
both true and false


we call these observations science
we collect perceptions called data
we rearrange atoms until they resemble what
we want them to be ... whatever
we want to see
we see ... whatever
we believe becomes our reality and
we label anyone opposed
to our conclusions as:

or just plain ignorant
we perceive

and we kill them...

today's truth
is yesterday's
and each of us
live in
a homemade reality.

Chad Lilly - evergreen dreams - ICP

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Interruption Disorder: OCID

We are losing our ability to listen, therefore, we are losing our ability to understand.

I speak with people for a living. I'm not a telemarketer, I'm a publisher, and between the authors, the radio show hosts, upcoming guests, readers, customers, bookstores, distributors, printers, and personal friends and family ... there are days when I spend a total of 8 hours on the phone. What I am about to tell you comes from my direct experience in communicating with people in-depth, on a wide range of topics, over the period of many years.

I have observed a behavior in humanity that is rapidly on the rise around the world, and I call it: Obsessive Compulsive Interruption Disorder. (OCID) And this behavior will be the last straw in the decay of modern society.

(In writing this, I am in no way being sarcastic, this is deadly serious.)

When I first began to notice this behavior, I thought it was just me, as I admit that being interrupted happens to be a 'pet peeve' of mine. But as I began to notice the frequency at which this was occurring, I began to see this was much more than just something I find annoying ... it was actually rendering conversation void and destroying the very the point of communication: to transfer understanding. Because without OUR ability to listen, even the greatest of teachers are just wasting their breath, and the more talking we do, the less understanding is actually transfered.

Ever have someone ask you a question that requires a full paragraph of information for you to accurately explain, and before you can even finish your first sentence, they ask you two more questions? This is OCID.

Ever spoken with someone who constantly asks you to repeat what you just said, and as you begin repeating it for them, they respond before you can even finish repeating it. This is OCID.

Ever seen two people yelling at each other on TV? Both talking at the exact same time, talking over one another, and since neither will let the other talk ... you can't understand a single word either of them are saying? This is OCID.

I'd like to point out that I'm not referring to situations when two people are excited about a topic and during the course of conversation happen to talk over one another, or interrupt from time to time. I'm talking about a behavior that occurs obsessively, 9 out of 10 times ... with 9 out of 10 people, on a daily basis.

Those with OCID do not suffer from it, those around them do. I have close friends and family with this disease. I was even married to the Queen of OCID. (I think she actually holds the patent on it) But imagine for a moment how maddening it would be if someone were to punch you in the nose mid sentence? And when you say, "Hey, please don't punch me in the nose while I'm t-------" BAM, they did it again. This is how I feel around those with OCID, only it's much worse, because they are punching me in the mind, rather than in the nose. But let's side step the annoyance of it all and focus on the long term effects that OCID will have on humanity.

Remember that story about The Tower of Babel ... how God got pissed off at man's attempt to reach heaven via his own devices, and to thwart his efforts, confounded all human language and made it impossible for humans to {co}operate? Well, I think OCID is another step in the direction of human beings becoming completely unable to communicate with one another, even in the same language.

And I don't think this condition came from God. I think it's a behavior we've been taught by 30 second commercial spots that have dwindled our attention spans down to the degree where we can't even allow someone to finish their sentence, because, really ... most people just don't care to understand, they're merely waiting for their chance to say something next. This is OCID.

This is the making of perfect slaves.  

Once the audience has lost the ability to listen, it matters not what any speaker has to say. And this will be the long term effect of OCID on human beings.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reverse Dichotomy

We've been wandering along the hallways of insecurity for long enough ... that stuff of dreams is not made of pasts, precedents, or even from pieces of another's dream ... the sacred material that makes things come true ... is more than IN you ... it is you ... and for ages we've be taught to cast inner shadows and demons upon our dreams ... and those of others ... eclipsing our collective vision with divisions infinitely instilled in us from the inside ... out ...

for too long ... too many have been too afraid to shout the things that subtle voices whisper ... too many feel secure, safely tucked away in a pastor grazing on the grass of fabrication ... happily waiting for some farmer to slaughter them for his own profit ... too many professional sheep working along side the dogs to keep mindsets fallow and to prevent understanding from ever being harvested ...

our insights have been crop dusted and sprayed with toxins more toxic than DDT ... these agents and inhalants pollute cognitive processes, not just bodies ... they coagulate between synapses to keep them from firing ... they derail trains of thought and blow up paradigms before they are planted ... and we've swallowed them a handful at a time for soooooooooooooo loooooooooooong now ... that there's too many of us having too few thoughts of our own ... and waaaaaaaaaay too many of us who are more than happy to have another do it for us.

Chad Lilly

Friday, July 30, 2010

Steady, Aim, FIRE ...

Safety off ... cocked and loaded ...
steady and aiming for the
one shot, one kill ... headshot,

"target down"

the ordinance is mass marketed
while stray bullets find homes
inside the brains of innocent viewers
watching TV ...

propaganda aimed at the truth
to make you think of everything else ...

it's called reverse anti-thesis
and this shit works ...

because 'enemy-centered' mentalities
dominate our society ...

see ... you have can't have Jesus
without Satan ...

you can't have Christmas
without Samhain ...

you can't have freedom
without slavery ...

call me Nate Turner,
cause I just learned to read
and what I see
makes me
want to lead the revolt
of saints against
their killers ...

against the media
lying ...

against the corporations
lying ...

against the churches
lying ...

against the religions
lying ...

against the system
that's been built around you
while you were busy watching
MTV ...

CNN ...

FAUX news made to get you to respond
to problem-reaction-solutions
until you're ready, willing, and able
to give up ...

give in ...

give them control
over that last piece of your soul ...

and accept the mark of:

Bar codes embedded
into foreheads,
scan the brain
for any thoughts
of insurgency ... better keep your
mind closed ... or else ...

they'll do it for you.

Chad Lilly - evergreen dreams -  InnerCircle Publishing

Centered In Self

Tangled in twisted metaphors
circling the drain that sits
in the center of my mind

I see swirling images that collage
into an understanding that
in the center of everything ...

everything is touching ... every one ...
one and the same ... every one ...
one of a kind ... every one ...
divine in every way

Mr. Einstein, your underlying field
is no longer a theory, clearly,
all matter is unified by energy
touching this center we call spirit ...

and soon science will prove it
and religion will suppress it
and governments will deny it ...
but I don't need any of them to see

these tangled and twisted images
circling the drain that sits
in the center of my mind.

Chad Lilly - evergreen dreams

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hunting Unicorns

Seeking the end
of rainbows,
capturing leprechauns
in green and gold bags,
running from
manitaurs whose fangs
are made of ivory,
I catch and release
unicorns, play tag
with faries, and
hide from gnomes
who seek to find
out how and why
I can see them.

Chad Lilly, evergreen dreams

Instant Writing #32

There is no junk DNA.

No amino acid develops
into complex proteins
by chance, the odds of
multicellular organisms
deciding to grow legs
and stand is beyond
astronomical ...

and yet, here we are.

Nothing is random.

Grass grows only
under a waning moon,
hair and fingernails too,
tides rise and fall
according to the pull
of invisible forces ...

but we only believe
in what we see.

Religion preaches forgiveness,
while condeming sinners to hell,
eternity is only the beginning
of knowing thyself.

- Chad Lilly, evergreen dreams

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey, Obama, I Got Your Mandatory Health Care (Right Here)

Life is cumulative and what we do daily results in both our bodies and minds.

I am not a health and fitness fanatic. I'm of the opinion that you can run a marathon every day of your life, eat the best organic food, drink the purest water ... and still your body will die. But I do see value in being as capable as possible while you're alive, without relying on three handfuls of medication per day, designed to artificially do for your body what can be accomplished naturally in less than 20 mins a day.

For years, I've been doing 40 push ups every day. 20 in the morning, 20 at night. This takes a total of 2 minutes out of my day. This has nothing to do with trying to be stronger, or better defined, I do it because this exercise activates glands that excrete toxins from the body.

Recently, I began walking 1 mile a day. This takes 14 minutes.

And that's it. That's all I do. It doesn't sound like much, until you do the math:

40 push ups X 30 days = 1,200 per month.
1 mile a day X 30 days = 30 miles a month.


14,400 push ups per year.
360 miles of walking per year.

In 5 years, I will have walked 1,800 miles and did 72,000 push ups.

Life is cumulative. What did you do today?

Chad Lilly,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Morning

Pink Floyd's 'Pigs' plays on repeat
while I tweet my not-so-random thoughts
into the stream of Twitter's moving madness
to capture understanding from the inside out.


Synaptic responses fire faster when no thoughts happen,
it's the silence between those gaps where snapshots
of the whole get handed to viewers ... remotely
looking within.

'Know Thyself' reads our every sacred scripture ...
and still we look outside of ourselves
for some far off kingdom to come to us,
or another myth to save us from what we already are ...
and becoming more of by the day.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

How We Change Our Past

"What's done is done and can not be changed." - This is only half true. While what's done is done, it is only our memory of events that become our past, and how we choose to interpret them drastically determines our now. And while we can not change the actual events, or their effects on others, we CAN change the meaning of those events in our lives. Allow me to offer this example:

A relationship comes to a very unhappy ending. We feel hurt, abandoned, betrayed....etc. All of our negative emotions, anger, and fears are rolled into 'bad memories' of that person, where even a mere mention of places, phrases, and songs become a painful reminder of this disturbing time from our past. Painful scenes replay of all the plans that will never happen, those dreams of a shared future, collectively crucified with a single word: Goodbye.

This emotional state can persist for months, years, or even lifetimes.

But for our example, let's assume we meet someone new. And they are even more wonderful and we're even more in love ... etc. Something magic happens in our mind that sounds a little something like this:

"If it were not for that past relationship ending as it did, I would have never been brought to where I am now ... and looking back, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way."

And suddenly those same memories, those same songs, all of those same past events ... no longer hurt. The events themselves have not changed, yet, the meaning we give to them has, and now, everything feels 'better'. (Ever been there?)

I'd like to point out that it is not our new relationships that change our past events, though we tend to use people in this manner to achieve that purpose, but the moment we change the meaning of those same events we immediately experience a different now.

And this is how we change our past.

Chad Lilly,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Instant Writing #???????

Unplanned tragedies make the best lessons
and most interesting narratives
for telling later ...

nothing separate
except perception ...

we're all miners digging
for the golden remains of our former selves,
back where ancients were more adept than our modern tech
and the meaning of stars was much more than astrology
birthday party daily general-isms designed to make readers say:
"That sounds just like me." ...
when, really, every soul spans all spectrums
each capable of [be]ing God
through each piece at the same time ... I know,
it gets complicated
and diluted by history, centuries, and churches
who burn the book of life
to keep the true you
from ever being read.

- Chad Lilly Saturday 7/10/2010 10:22 pm pst

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Black Sheep

Old McDonald had a farm ... EI EI O ... and on this farm there were some sheep ... many, many sheep.

Most were young and fluffy and white and cute and cuddly
and happy as can be with a mouth full of grass
as they spent their time in the sunshine, carefree.

And on this farm was one black sheep.

He had spent many seasons on the farm
and walked with a limp from an
incident where he was bitten
by a wolf when he was only
3 weeks old.

The black sheep was not young,
nor white,
nor cute,
nor cuddly,
and unlike the other sheep
he was not happy to spend
his time in the sunshine
with a mouth full of grass.

And as he was passing a group of white sheep
one of them ask, "What's wrong black sheep?"

"Why are you unhappy here on the farm ...
where we are given green grass to eat
and allowed to spend our days
lounging in the sunshine?"

And the black sheep said,
"Because things are not what they seem
here on the farm ... the farmer is not your friend,
he plans to slaughter you all at the end of the season
and cut you up into little pieces
to sell at the market."

And all the other sheep said,
"NNNNNAAAA NNNNNAAAA ... you're crazy black sheep!
The farmer feeds us and cares for us,
he shears us in summer to keep us cool ...
he works hard every day to provide for us,
the farmer is our friend
and we love the farm."

And the black sheep said,
"The farmer sheers you in summer
to sell your wool ... and allows you to graze
in his field to fatten you up
so you'll bring more at market ...
the farmer and his farm provide these things
because that's how the farmer makes his money."

And all the other sheep giggled and laughed,
"NNNNNAAAA NNNNNAAAA ... you're crazy black sheep!
we don't want to hear your crazy theories
about the farmer and his conspiracy
to slaughter us ... we're happy here
with our mouthful of grass and
spending our time in the sunshine ...
and you'd be happy too
if only you did the same."

So the black sheep walked back to the barn alone.

And the days rolled into nights,
until finally Fall was upon the farm.

And all the sheep were grazing on the last
of the green grass, when the black sheep
passed a herd of white sheep ...

"Hey black sheep, you said the farmer
was not our friend, you said he planned
to slaughter us all to sell our parts at market,
and still---here we are!!!
Happy with our mouthful of grass
and enjoying our time in the sunshine."

And the black sheep said,
"Harvest time is here and soon you will all be led
into the barn to be slaughtered ... and your parts
will be wrapped in plastic and loaded on to a truck
headed for market."

And all the sheep giggled and laughed,
"NNNNNAAAA NNNNNAAAA ... you're crazy black sheep!
we don't want to hear your crazy theories
about the farmer and his conspiracy
to slaughter us ... we're happy here
with our mouthful of grass and
spending our time in the sunshine ...
and you'd be happy too
if only you did the same."

So the black sheep walked back to the barn alone.

And morning came.

All the sheep gathered at the gate
to enjoy their morning breakfast in the field,
only to find the farmer waiting
on the other side ... and a new path
leading back into the barn.

And the black sheep said,
"If you follow that path and go back
into the barn, then a metal spike
will be thrust into your brain
and your body will be cut into little pieces,
wrapped in plastic, and sold at the market."

And all the sheep giggled and laughed,
"NNNNNAAAA NNNNNAAAA ... you're crazy black sheep!
we don't want to hear your crazy theories
about the farmer and his conspiracy
to slaughter us ... we're happy here
with our mouthful of grass and
spending our time in the sunshine ...
and you'd be happy too
if only you did the same."

The gate was opened ... all the sheep rushed
down the path only to find themselves
back inside the barn. In a single line ...
they could not see what was happening in front of them ...
all they could hear was the sound ...

tick, tick, tick, tick, THUD!
And then there was a smell.

And some of the sheep started to get worried,
suddenly they felt something wasn't right ... they felt like running,
but the other sheep said, "Calm down ... everything is fine ...
just think good thoughts and everything will be all right."

And all of the sheep felt so much better.

They calmly proceeded to walk themselves,
single file, through the line into the barn ...

And each stood quietly, while the blunt metal spike
reset to position ...

tick, tick, tick, tick

And then there was a smell.

And one by one ... all of the sheep
walked obediently to the slaughter,
each thinking their own happy thoughts
while the metal spike reset
and plunged into their brain ...

then their bodies were cut into pieces,
wrapped in plastic,
and shipped off to market.

And the black sheep walked back to the barn alone.

And the seasons passed
and fall became winter
and then spring ...

and a new herd of sheep arrived on the farm ...

Most were young and fluffy and white and cute and cuddly
and happy as can be to arrive on the farm
to have that next mouthful of grass
and spend their time in the sunshine,

And as the sheep were unloaded
from the truck ... they saw one black sheep
standing alone and looking sad ...

and one of them said,
"What's wrong black sheep?"

- Chad Lilly .... unpublished words.

Monday, June 14, 2010


While Twitter is down
I'll resort back to poems
written with digital pens,
my life's only meaning ... to be a scribe
writing the unseen words.

To incite new verbs
and erase the meaning
of all preconceived adjectives ...
I'll write in new languages
familiar to the souls
of listeners

Eyes with vision to see
between the lines of tweets
and into the meaning, deeply reflected
by cosmic eyes from that eternal mirror
reflecting everything back
to you ...


Friday, June 4, 2010

A Poet's Alphabet

Eloquently head-
First into swallow pools and
Grass covered battlefields
Hoping to become heroes
In the land of make-believe,
Just in case the world needs
Killers for hire called: Marines to
Locate and neutralize
Make-believe enemies
No man can see---
Only to find
People as scared as themselves,
Questioning their government's
Rules / regulations as they are
Seizing both property and freedom,
Till every person is but sand
Underneath the feet of
Vicious masters
Willing to sacrifice the
X - factor for
You and me to satisfy their
Zeal for more --- greed.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bend Over & Relax - They're Just Taking A Census

Three weeks ago I received a local census survey from the city of Yakima. Being a good 'American', I distinctly remember taking it directly from my mailbox and placing it quickly into the trash. Forget 'out of the envelope', it never even made it inside my house.

Today, around 1:00 pm pst, I was rather surprised by a knock on the door. It sounded Official and smelled like paperwork. My poet-senses were telling me this was gonna be trouble, or at least mildly annoying, but I was curious.

There on my patio stands a women about 60, dressed like your grandma, with a plastic clipboard in one hand and her trusted, yellow, #2 pencil in the other. "Is this 1410?" she asked.

I looked up and to my right at the wooden plaque hanging by the door that reads: 1410, and say, "Yeah."

"The Yakima {something official-sounding} Board issued a Census report to this residence and it was never returned." 

"Yeah. And .... ?" (I placed emphasis on the pregnant pause at the end)  

She goes on to explain to me how important the census is to this and to that in Yakima, and if I'd just be willing to take her survey now, it will only take 10 mins. 

"Ok, but if this is gonna take 10 mins then have a seat and lemme grab a cup of coffee."

I return and she begins her questions, which are nothing more than a series of mundane things, which are not only already on file at the county courthouse, but are also available from many online databases. Her questions, just like the Census Surveys they send, are the Elephant, now here's the Theater:

They want to know who you are, where you are, and how many are with you at YOUR location. (somebody's counting heads.)

They want to know what race you are. Column D listed all kinds of labels from which I could choose, but I noticed that: HUMAN BEING wasn't even an option.

They want to know if you live at this location year round, or if it is ever vacant during the year.

They want to know if you know your neighbors.

Even though we sat on the patio and she never entered the house, she never stopped scanning / visually mapping the location. I could see she had been trained to observe details, tactically, like any cop, or soldier, so I intentionally left the door open ... and sure enough, she took the time to notice my bookshelf and comment on the artwork. (from the patio still ;-)

And when I told her, "I would like a census of the people in Government. I would like a count of the money going to black budget ops and exotic projects. I wonder if I can go knocking on the White House door to conduct my own census, and would they take the time to answer my questions?"

And this 60 year old women laughed and said, "No. They'd prob shoot you before you got across the lawn."     

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

As Rain on the Face of God

With the time I have left
let me be a voice saying
those things sitting in the intersection
between both sides of our brain,
that line between ying and yang,
the simple path of balance
that chooses not to use
adjectives to describe
things as separate.

May I be a guide to myself
able to read the unseen breadcrumbs
leading back to source.

I've attempted to be a lighthouse
pointing the eyes of others toward information,
when perhaps I might shine the brighter
had I been facing myself ... instead ...
I've pointed fingers and laid claim to a host of
parasitic insecurities that shade my path.

To see my own two feet clearly ... I will now call vision.
And step by step, internally on an eternal walkabout,
I will vigilantly search for ways and means
of bringing what's inside me ... out.

To allow my inner stream to freely carry me
to the shores of understanding: that I am
water evaporating to fall again
as rain on the face of God.

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Who Controls What?

Life's balance rests in a place where our hands can not reach. Its changeless face stares at us from within, as we pretend to move things around or make things somehow different, the universe continues to spin paying no attention.

The temperature of our sun ... the rotation of earth on her axis ... the number of stars in our sky ... where the oceans decide to flow ... these are some of the things over which we have no control. Wind, seasons, and cycles of entrophy seem unmoved by our prayers, dogmas, chants, dances, and cries.  

We entertain thoughts of great control over our environment, our conditions, and our societies, but truly, who among us can undo a thing already done? Who claims to be able to add a thing uncreated? 

Who controls what?   

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Signs of MindKontrol

If you ask most people if they are under the influence of some form of social mass hypnosis or mind control, and they'll say, "No." Yet, if I start singing: "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale ... a tale of a fateful trip ..." over 80% of you will know the next line ... and you've never once studied it. 

Ever wonder why you can't recall where your car keys are, let alone page 219 from your tenth grade science book, but you can instantly remember the lyrics to all of your favorite songs (while they are playing) ... and you never had to study a single line?

Ever notice how every news channels AP reeling ticker-tape at the bottom of the screen reads the exact same thing?

Ever hear of a school shooting before Columbine? And how many since?

Did you notice when the color of police uniforms changed from blue to black?

Can you see the security cameras and DUT towers being placed around you now? 

(To Be Continued ... )

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Monday, April 26, 2010

140+ Characters About: My #Twitter Experience

Hello, my name is @icpchad and I am addicted to #Twitter

I joined almost two years ago at the request of an #ATR listener @DzhaA which read: I'd like to follow you on #Twitter and I can remember thinking 'follow me where?

I knew my friend @michelemeiche, host of #Awakenings, was on #Twitter, and upon first looking at the site, I figured it must be just another place to post RSS feeds for our radio shows. So I signed up and began posting our daily #ATR shows to my profile. (originally named: AwareTalkRadio). My first thought about Twitter was: 'This is stupid.'

As I connected to and began interacting with others, I started to see that twitter was much more than just a place to post links to our radio shows. I began to see a global conversation taking place in real time on multidimensional levels between many minds.    

I was really impressed with the fact that #Twitter allowed everyone the ability to have their message heard. I began meeting and interacting with people like @Zaibatsu, @shannonseek, @Lotay @CHRISVOSS @eleesha and other now household social media names. (If you've been on #Twitter longer than 15 minutes, chances are you know these folks too.) I was equally impressed they were actually real people, and regardless of their 'Elite' status, they weren't assholes about the fact they had more reach than some TV stations, and combined, they speak daily to a personal audience that is larger than some Major Networks.

I remember thinking, 'So let me get this right, this '#Twitter' thing allows any ONE person the potential to speak their every thought to millions? - I'M IN'. And immediately introduced #ICP Authors to #Twitter as another way of sharing our work. You may have met @AnAmericanMonk, @dougieslap, @CwbyWsdm, @AntheaAppel and others in the stream.   

And I began watching how people tweeted, what they tweeted about, and how many different ways there are of using #Twitter. From the GET MORE FOLLOWERS NOW games, to professional spammers and #Bots like Brit.ney, to the ever "FAMOUS QUOTES" being auto posted faster than the speed of light by more people than stars in the sky ... I had to dig through a lot of dirt before I began to find the gold deep in the hills of #Twitter's digital landscape.

Lights of continual inspiration like @Mystical, @paulvharris@BlondeByDesign and @monaksart who daily provide waterfalls of original thought. Mental gymnasts like @crside, @LiLiacSin, and @UnseeingEyes who poetically pen their lines through the ether of tweets and out into the cosmic sea. Spiritual ninjas like @DeniseLescano, @TheEntertainer, and @Intuisdom who always make it an adventure. 

There are even a few famous people who listen to and talk with me. You know who you are and you are all stars to me, even if tomorrow Hollywood didn't exist. #justsaying 

And as I began to tweet more, and more, and then eventually a ridiculous amount more ... I began to realize a few things about #Twitter which I feel helped me get the most from it, and some of which I hope you will find useful in your daily #Twitter life:

- Never be afraid to be say it. (you're not the only one thinking it)
- The word 'Fuck' is acceptable to tweet when used in any proper context. 
- Block idiots quickly. The more mentions you give them equals more attention, which is what they want.
- RT that which you see as valuable. (this is how the cream gets to the top)
- It's not how many people follow you, it's how many respond to your tweets.
- If you want more followers, then be more interesting.
- When you are pissed off, drunk, or highly emotional ... these are great times to tweet.
- Say what you mean and mean what you say. 
- Find others with whom you resonate and [co]operate with them in mutually beneficial ways.
- Enjoy the view from each paradigm. 

Daily I continue to connect with new people who inspire me, challenge me, and help me see the world through their eyes, even if only for a brief moment in time ... and in less than 140 characters. #Gratitude for all you do and all of you are: #Stars     

Authors: How to KILL Your Book

If you think people don't judge a book based on its cover, you've probably never read one. Not only do people judge books based on the cover ... but they do it within the first eight seconds. So, the absolute best way to KILL your book's chance of ever being read is to give it a really, really shitty book cover design, so everyone who walks by it will instantly decide your writing is of the same quality and move on to any of the other ten thousands books to the left, or to the right of it.

One of the best ways to ensure your book cover design is as absolutely shitty as possible ... is to design it yourself. Unless, of course, you're already a designer with experience who happens to have written a book, and even then, you still may not be the best choice to create the cover for your book, as your perspective on the material is completely different from where (potential) readers are sitting. The author knows the material inside-out, a reader must be able to see enough on the outside to give them a strong enough reason to look within it.

Since 2000, I've designed and published over 80 titles. ( If you looked at the first one I created in 2002, and compared it with our latest release, you'd see of world of difference in both the quality of design and original graphics. It seems the more we do something, the more we learn about it. Which brings us to the next method by which an author can effectively KILL their book: To design and create the book cover themselves, having never designed one before.

Just because you write, does not make you a designer. Just because you have ideas, does not make them 'good' designs. Over 90% of our covers I've created using the following method: Find out what the author has in mind, then use my experience in design and graphic arts to create the best possible cover based on the author's vision and my collected experience. This results in a true compilation of the author's original ideas combined with the quality of a designer's experience.

So here's the absolute BEST WAY FOR AN AUTHOR TO KILL THEIR BOOK: Have really, really, really shitty ideas and absolutely no eye for design, whatsoever, combined with absolutely no experience at all ... THEN (and here's the key to really failing at this) ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to listen to, or accept, even a single idea from those who are actually book cover designers, you know, those people who do this for a living. 

To really KILL a book, an author needs to come up with an amateur design, something so stupid and ugly and unfitting to the rest of the book that no one will ever be drawn to read it, ever ... then STICK to that stupid design no matter how many good-intending, experienced professionals tell you otherwise. After all, they are trying to help the book become successful and if you listen to them, it could be. After all, it's not about what's best for the book, what's really important is making sure that design you drew on your 10th grade notebook gets used as the cover for your first book.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Puzzle Called Dharma

To ignite mentalities and jump-start heart chakras I ...
spark forest fires by rubbing two words together
until the friction brings flames called: revelation
and new thoughts arise from the ash of every
yesterday cast into the wastebasket of time ...

I ... rewrite what's been written
in a language forbidden
by those who speak doublespeak
on your TV and whisper into your ears
with every radio PROGRAM ... I'm a talk show host
without the show ... and I'm inviting you to call in ...
to voice your opinion on the open air waves of ether,
to broadcast your pictures across our mental screen,
to see your life as the movie in which you've been cast
as the star ... to play your Dharma on stage LIVE
before this audience of ONE.

I seek to incite riots in our understanding and
overthrow all governing bodies holding our hands
while holding our head ... underwater ...

I seek to increase the number of pieces to our puzzle ...
so bring yours to the table and let's take a step back to see
the picture complete ... to combine our seamless lines of energy
as thought patterns travelling at the speed of NOW ...

To be light ... and shine vision upon my own darkeness,
may I be as wise as the words I hear in the silence
and always able to repeat them to you.

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Something VS Nothing

It seems we've reached a point in our society where two dominate thought patterns are bidding for control of the world: Those who believe in Something and those who believe in Nothing. Those who believe in Something are convinced, more and more, that there are no coincidences, that everything has meaning, and we are being led on a spiritual journey toward something greater. While those who believe in Nothing are convinced, more and more, that life is merely a series of breaths we take, until we die, and then it ends.
The Nothing crowd is scientifically adept at proving themselves correct. They are convinced by quantum mechanics that life is just random chaos scattered among dying atoms, conversely, those who believe in Something are convinced by the same quantum mechanics that: What we think ... happens. How can two opposing paradigms arise from the same data?
This rift in thought has separated humanity into two very different kinds of people, perhaps even two separate species of human. Those who believe in Something, whether it be God, Religion, Art, or even the various fields of science, all believe in things they can not see. While those who believe in Nothing, believe there is nothing to see, save that which can be seen physically.
While observing the exact same situation, individuals from each of these groups will perceive completely opposite results, and offer completely opposite explanations. Perhaps this is the power of thought? If you believe there is nothing to believe in ... not only will you not believe in it, but you will not even allow your eyes to see it. On the other hand, those who believe in Something, these may create something to see where there is none.
Given the reality that each of us possess two sides to our brain, I'd like to consider it possible, even probable, that humans are capable of seeing reality as it truly is. Without adding to it by projecting what we desire, or subtracting from it by limiting our perceptions through our own non-belief.
More and more, I see these two sides (of the same brain) warring with each other for control over ULTIMATE REALITY. And the battle seems to be getting bloody now, as those on one side of the argument begin to degrade those on the other with slander, to the point of each calling the other "insane".
Perhaps both sides of our brain are useful, and I'd just like to suggest that we might, just for while, try using both sides of our brain in unison. Perhaps this is the formula for seeing reality as it is? As opposed to seeing only what we want it to be? ... or not seeing what we fear it might be?

Chad Lilly is the author of A Day in the Mind and uncommon sense.

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The War On Sugar

A grave danger threatens every man, women, and child in our country today. And from this menace, no one is safe. This silent killer sleeps in every home and slowly makes its way into the hands of children, parents, and even our elderly population. It permeates every facet of our life in many different forms. On the street, they call this toxic substance: Sugar.
Extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets, it was first used as a pharmaceutical ingredient to mask the bitter taste of medicines, but as our addiction to this poison grew, we began adding it to other foods as well. Now one in three foods contain at least some portion of sugar as their primary ingredient.
Now is the time to take a stand against this bittersweet enemy. And toward this noble and rightful cause I am here today to present a motion to create and establish a new office within our federal government: the Bureau of Uniform License and Logistics for the Sugar Help Interment Team (BULLSHIT).
BULLSHIT will now govern all consumption and distribution of this deadly substance, and henceforth, BULLSHIT shall be the source of several anti-task forces to help implement new legislation to protect our children from this dangerous spice.
For too long, freewill has allowed the American public to indulge in such acts of sweet suicide as apple pie, twinkies, carbonated sodas, pixie stix, and even such lethal doses of sugar contained in the infamous sweet tarts. BULLSHIT shall be used as both a way and means to correct this unalienable error.
Under our new BULLSHIT laws, agencies will be created, not only to remove the current sugar threat from every home in America, but to eradicate the evil at its source. Our own NASIs (North American Sugar Investigators) will seek out this threat wherever it exists, fighting the enemy where it grows to decrease the battles we must fight here at home.
To combat this threat to national security, we shall implement the RAPE act (Ready Against Potential Emergencies). This act will probe all cracks in the body of public security. In accordance with the RAPE act, all citizens must allow the federal government unrestricted entry into their dwelling for the purpose of investigating any and all contents. Through the RAPE act, we will be able to remove the last grain of sugar from the streets of America.
Our primary concern in the war on sugar is the protection of our most vulnerable and precious resource - our children. For too long, this evil spice has made our children hyperactive, uncontrollable, and at times, down right unbearable. Now we must come together and implement programs to thwart this nemesis before it destroys future generations. To insure that no child is left behind, CHIPs (Child Help Implementation Programs) will be required for all children. These CHIPs will monitor and enable the federal government to ensure a sugar-free society, twenty-four hours a day.
Eliminating sugar, or as radical insurgents call it, "sweet freedom," from the streets of America is the sole objective of the NASIs. And through BULLSHIT and RAPE, we will succeed in eliminating this threat from the face of our planet. For while even one "sugar junkie" is allowed to roam free, we are all at risk of hedonistic pleasures spreading into the minds of generations to come. Now is the time for those who refuse to allow "sweet freedom" to devour the minds of their children to act swiftly and without regard for consequence. For what is at stake here is a big idea, a New World Order without the threat of "sweet freedom" contaminating the minds of addicts pleading for more of the same.
No longer can we afford to allow the general public access to any form of "sweet freedom." Now we must take active steps to generate a Project for a New American Campaign (PNAC) that will integrate our efforts to eliminate all "sweet freedom" where it begins - at home. And by working with our neighbors to the north and south, BULLSHIT will allow the NASIs to stop the last drop of "sweet freedom" from crossing our borders and infiltrating American lives.
Our greatest ally in the war against sugar is also our greatest enemy: the American public. For while even one American still hungers for "sweet freedom," we shall be engaged in a battle against the tyranny of personal taste. But when the last American is unwilling to allow even a single drop of "sweet freedom" to touch their tongue, then, through laws enacted by BULLSHIT, CHIPs, RAPE, and with the help of our own NASIs ... the federal government will have won the war against sugar.