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Monday, September 6, 2010

Thought Traffic

Follow me on this ...

approx. half the world
is sleeping, while
half the world is awake

literally, I mean, on one
side of the world it's dark
and the masses are asleep,
on the other it's day
and people are awake
and living their lives ...

what if ... one is a cause
of effects in the other?

what if ... the alpha wave states
from millions of people dreaming,
stream into the consciousness
of those awake?

what if ... our dreams are actually
scenes from the lives of others?

every artists paints
or writes
or drinks
or plays at night
because there is
less 'thought traffic'
with the masses
fast asleep,
there's more room
in the ether for dreamers to see
through the window
in the mind ... and view
that landscape made
of light, rather than matter,
where dreams are lucid lives
lived daily.
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