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Thursday, August 26, 2010

humans being light

I'm certain the seas of change
will cause the tides to rise
higher than the waterline
of accepted norms

above the marks
of individuals

beyond the storms
of cause and effect

to mesh with the
unity underneath
the chaos we see
on the surface

wind rippled waters
chop tranquility
into pieces
too small to taste

into minutes
too few to notice

into doublespeak
spoken on tv
by politicians
seeking a bigger office
and better view of the world
begging at their feet

what a relief death must be
to those who've lived their life
as slaves to the illusion

daily devoted
to worshipping the flesh
seeking to remedy the fear
with excessive
material possession
and instant gratification
designed to feed every
glutton's hunger
for more

what tragedy must it be
to never have known
the treasure you seek
has been hidden inside you
by the maker of gold

how ironic that if ever
'the silver cord be loosed'
the soul's connection
with the body

what divine order
governs and guides
this silent symphony
of echoes

repeated over lifetimes
into the ears of children
who grow up and remember
to be more than the sum
of their environment added to
false truths believed since birth

to be more than consumers
with coupons to purchase
a life sentence at half
the advertised retail price

how nice it would be
if each and every soul
said, "No."
to the sales pitch
of separation
and, "Yes."
to the connection
we share as
humans being light
made of matter
and scattered like
dust by universal winds
blowing dark matter
around in circles and disturbing
the fabric of creation
with holes we tear
into ourselves.

- evergreen dreams, Chad Lilly

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Interview Questions: The Bailey Consortium

Mike "Tiny" Bailey, The Bailey Consortium -
Blog Interview Questions for Chad Lilly:

What is the name of your company/business? - InnerCircle Publishing

What got you into this business originally and how long have you been doing it?

I founded ICP in 2000 and I started it to create a way for those writing 'awareness' to have a place to publish it.

What is your favorite aspect of what you do?

Watching thoughts become things that contribute to the world around us.

What would you say is your specific area of expertise?

Design. I've created both the interior page layouts and cover designs for about 90% of the 70 titles we're published.

What can you tell my readers about a normal day in your business?

That it's different every single day, seven days a week, depending on our current publishing projects and daily activities. Aside from publishing, we also run a network of radio shows called Aware Talk Radio with 12 live shows per week hosted by our Authors. Some days I'm dreaming up a book cover design and then creating it, some days I'm figuring and paying monthly sales compensation to Authors, some days I'm updating the website with new features, other days I'm mostly on Twitter promoting the work we publish.

What 5 things would you say are the most important contributing factors to how your end product turns out?:

1 - The Author's vision for the book.
2 - Our ability to design and create something original based on the Author's vision. We don't use templates, every title is an original design.
3 - The experience we've acquired from designing and publishing over 70 titles.
4 - Our high end print quality for perfect bound / hardcover / full color books.
5 - At ICP, the Author retains 100% creative control over their book designs by providing the final approval, so they are happy with it before it ever goes to print.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone new to your industry?

For Authors?: Publishing the book will be the easy part, the work comes afterward, forever. For Publishers?: If you fail to incorporate cooperation into your existing structure, you will no longer be around.

Where can my readers view your work and find out more about you or your business? - - -

How do you market your business? What works well for you? (facebook, linkedin, myspace, filedby, yellow pages, tv ads, etc)

We've never advertised conventionally, ICP has always grown by word of mouth. And now that word of mouth is more digital via social media sites like you mentioned, we use them ALL.

If you could network with any three complimentary business, what types of business would they be?:

1 - A syndicated radio network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on their for their audience.
2 - A syndicated television network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on for their audience.
3 - Book promoters from the PUBLIC, directly connected with us to offer our work to their audience for referrals.

If you could partner with any three people/companies specifically, who would they be?

1 - Premier Radio Networks
2 - Rolling Stone Magazine (they could use a cover designer) ;-p
3 - Those aware and willing to share our work because they see it too.

Would you tell my readers some about your personally? (family, likes, dislikes, hobbies):

- I'm an only child.
- Likes: Wine. Unanswerable Questions & Red Heads. ;-)
- Dislikes: Internet Trolls.
- Hobbies: Twitter.

Tell us about your published works and what inspired you.

I began writing poetry at the age of 15, and I've yet to discover where it really comes from, or why I can hear it.

How can my readers contact you for your services?

From any of our websites, via twitter @icpchad or even directly by phone 509 895 9023.

THANKS for the questions.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

evergreen dreams

My vocabulary is
a seamless verse
of lines combined
with the meaning
of infinity written
on paper ... this is
no scapegoat for
feeling ... this is
both reason and
rhyme mixed with
the metaphors
of living ... awake,
aware, and breathing
an endless sigh
of relief ... I write
my epitaph daily,
no editing needed,
I am verse as free
as any penned
by Whitman,
by Thoreau,
by Bukowski ...
I am scripture
and recited
by devotees
kneeling not
in prayer, but
lives lived in
evergreen dreams

- evergreen dreams - Chad Lilly

Monday, August 9, 2010

try it when ...

it's easy to smile
after winning the lottery

it's easy to smile
when you're not bleeding
internally or infected
with life-threatening

it's easy to be nice
when the sky is blue
and birds are
singing your song

it's easy to give
when you have it all

it's easy to love puppies
and kittens and bunny rabbits

it's easy to praise God
for the blessings

sunshine and ice cream

it's easy to see
the beauty around you
when you feel
beautiful inside

but it's hard to smile
after being kicked
in the teeth

or stabbed in the knee

it's hard to be patient
when you are on fire

it's hard to be nice
with people standing
on your tongue

it's difficult to be
thankful for toxic waste
and BTK

it's hard to breathe
when oxygen smells
like ammonia

it's hard to be optimistic
when you're face down in vomit
and can't get up

it's easy to see
why some people
don't make it.

- evergreen dreams, Chad Lilly

Monday, August 2, 2010

Homemade Reality

Today's thoughts
are the cause
of tomorrow's

actions multiplied
collectively equal
the future

today's sins
become tomorrow's

we are cause
and their corresponding effects

we have the ability
to form conclusions
both true and false


we call these observations science
we collect perceptions called data
we rearrange atoms until they resemble what
we want them to be ... whatever
we want to see
we see ... whatever
we believe becomes our reality and
we label anyone opposed
to our conclusions as:

or just plain ignorant
we perceive

and we kill them...

today's truth
is yesterday's
and each of us
live in
a homemade reality.

Chad Lilly - evergreen dreams - ICP

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Interruption Disorder: OCID

We are losing our ability to listen, therefore, we are losing our ability to understand.

I speak with people for a living. I'm not a telemarketer, I'm a publisher, and between the authors, the radio show hosts, upcoming guests, readers, customers, bookstores, distributors, printers, and personal friends and family ... there are days when I spend a total of 8 hours on the phone. What I am about to tell you comes from my direct experience in communicating with people in-depth, on a wide range of topics, over the period of many years.

I have observed a behavior in humanity that is rapidly on the rise around the world, and I call it: Obsessive Compulsive Interruption Disorder. (OCID) And this behavior will be the last straw in the decay of modern society.

(In writing this, I am in no way being sarcastic, this is deadly serious.)

When I first began to notice this behavior, I thought it was just me, as I admit that being interrupted happens to be a 'pet peeve' of mine. But as I began to notice the frequency at which this was occurring, I began to see this was much more than just something I find annoying ... it was actually rendering conversation void and destroying the very the point of communication: to transfer understanding. Because without OUR ability to listen, even the greatest of teachers are just wasting their breath, and the more talking we do, the less understanding is actually transfered.

Ever have someone ask you a question that requires a full paragraph of information for you to accurately explain, and before you can even finish your first sentence, they ask you two more questions? This is OCID.

Ever spoken with someone who constantly asks you to repeat what you just said, and as you begin repeating it for them, they respond before you can even finish repeating it. This is OCID.

Ever seen two people yelling at each other on TV? Both talking at the exact same time, talking over one another, and since neither will let the other talk ... you can't understand a single word either of them are saying? This is OCID.

I'd like to point out that I'm not referring to situations when two people are excited about a topic and during the course of conversation happen to talk over one another, or interrupt from time to time. I'm talking about a behavior that occurs obsessively, 9 out of 10 times ... with 9 out of 10 people, on a daily basis.

Those with OCID do not suffer from it, those around them do. I have close friends and family with this disease. I was even married to the Queen of OCID. (I think she actually holds the patent on it) But imagine for a moment how maddening it would be if someone were to punch you in the nose mid sentence? And when you say, "Hey, please don't punch me in the nose while I'm t-------" BAM, they did it again. This is how I feel around those with OCID, only it's much worse, because they are punching me in the mind, rather than in the nose. But let's side step the annoyance of it all and focus on the long term effects that OCID will have on humanity.

Remember that story about The Tower of Babel ... how God got pissed off at man's attempt to reach heaven via his own devices, and to thwart his efforts, confounded all human language and made it impossible for humans to {co}operate? Well, I think OCID is another step in the direction of human beings becoming completely unable to communicate with one another, even in the same language.

And I don't think this condition came from God. I think it's a behavior we've been taught by 30 second commercial spots that have dwindled our attention spans down to the degree where we can't even allow someone to finish their sentence, because, really ... most people just don't care to understand, they're merely waiting for their chance to say something next. This is OCID.

This is the making of perfect slaves.  

Once the audience has lost the ability to listen, it matters not what any speaker has to say. And this will be the long term effect of OCID on human beings.