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Thursday, November 25, 2010


For the moment and within it wrapped
each and every life that has lived
and passed
having carved out
another unique path
upon which we walk daily ...

Thankful for ying and well as yang.

For days that turn to nights and seasons shadowing cycles
and spirals of ever inward expansion
in all directions simultaneously ... I'm grateful
for the glimpses I get, the snapshots past
and the always present future ...
my camera---being spiritual---has no film
for distortion to cloud or
perception to erode
over those memories we call time ...

I'm thankful for the chance to interact with the essence
behind the matter of facts---directly being read by the mind of All
and for the ability to talk back when I disagree.

My freedom to will and even to choose my own wrong choices ...
I'm Thankful mostly for my voice
and grateful that you listen

Happy Thanksgiving
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