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Thursday, May 6, 2010

As Rain on the Face of God

With the time I have left
let me be a voice saying
those things sitting in the intersection
between both sides of our brain,
that line between ying and yang,
the simple path of balance
that chooses not to use
adjectives to describe
things as separate.

May I be a guide to myself
able to read the unseen breadcrumbs
leading back to source.

I've attempted to be a lighthouse
pointing the eyes of others toward information,
when perhaps I might shine the brighter
had I been facing myself ... instead ...
I've pointed fingers and laid claim to a host of
parasitic insecurities that shade my path.

To see my own two feet clearly ... I will now call vision.
And step by step, internally on an eternal walkabout,
I will vigilantly search for ways and means
of bringing what's inside me ... out.

To allow my inner stream to freely carry me
to the shores of understanding: that I am
water evaporating to fall again
as rain on the face of God.

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