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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reverse Dichotomy

We've been wandering along the hallways of insecurity for long enough ... that stuff of dreams is not made of pasts, precedents, or even from pieces of another's dream ... the sacred material that makes things come true ... is more than IN you ... it is you ... and for ages we've be taught to cast inner shadows and demons upon our dreams ... and those of others ... eclipsing our collective vision with divisions infinitely instilled in us from the inside ... out ...

for too long ... too many have been too afraid to shout the things that subtle voices whisper ... too many feel secure, safely tucked away in a pastor grazing on the grass of fabrication ... happily waiting for some farmer to slaughter them for his own profit ... too many professional sheep working along side the dogs to keep mindsets fallow and to prevent understanding from ever being harvested ...

our insights have been crop dusted and sprayed with toxins more toxic than DDT ... these agents and inhalants pollute cognitive processes, not just bodies ... they coagulate between synapses to keep them from firing ... they derail trains of thought and blow up paradigms before they are planted ... and we've swallowed them a handful at a time for soooooooooooooo loooooooooooong now ... that there's too many of us having too few thoughts of our own ... and waaaaaaaaaay too many of us who are more than happy to have another do it for us.

Chad Lilly
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