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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Puzzle Called Dharma

To ignite mentalities and jump-start heart chakras I ...
spark forest fires by rubbing two words together
until the friction brings flames called: revelation
and new thoughts arise from the ash of every
yesterday cast into the wastebasket of time ...

I ... rewrite what's been written
in a language forbidden
by those who speak doublespeak
on your TV and whisper into your ears
with every radio PROGRAM ... I'm a talk show host
without the show ... and I'm inviting you to call in ...
to voice your opinion on the open air waves of ether,
to broadcast your pictures across our mental screen,
to see your life as the movie in which you've been cast
as the star ... to play your Dharma on stage LIVE
before this audience of ONE.

I seek to incite riots in our understanding and
overthrow all governing bodies holding our hands
while holding our head ... underwater ...

I seek to increase the number of pieces to our puzzle ...
so bring yours to the table and let's take a step back to see
the picture complete ... to combine our seamless lines of energy
as thought patterns travelling at the speed of NOW ...

To be light ... and shine vision upon my own darkeness,
may I be as wise as the words I hear in the silence
and always able to repeat them to you.

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