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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Ever Changing Medium of Expression

Books were my first glimpse into the world mind, my first window into the archive of human ideas. And they were also the first place I found out I wasn't the only one thinking this stuff. That it couldn't be just me making it up, because other people, whom I had never met, were writing the same thoughts in books years before I was born. I can't begin to tell you how many great "discoveries" I considered my original finds, only later to learn some guy wrote that same thing two hundred years ago. Books showed me that 'my' ideas were neither original, nor merely a product of my imagination, they seem to filter through many minds from one source.

Music was my next teacher. Showing me more than rhythms and instruments with some lyrics sprinkled on top, it was in music that I saw how effectively a message could spread and affect the minds of millions of listeners for the rest of their lives. I also noticed the most adored songs had messages that ran deep into the human psyche, and those songs all seemed to be in tune with some universal harmony resonating with those ideas I had, and had read in so many books----those very same ideas and concepts permeated the medium of music too.

Movies made it obvious that not only could others see these same ideas and visions, which at one time I thought to be my own, but they were able to present them into a moving visual collage to show the audience a story rather than tell them. In just one scene, movies said unspeakable stories.

Writing was my first experience being able to capture these intangible ideas and visions. Where ever (and whatever) the source from which they come. While writing, it seems the world mind reads me and recites universal streams of data through my pen to leave lines I later read and find ... informative.     

Video creation now allows a massive amount of complex visual data to be presented to an audience in a matter of minutes. This rapid transmission of information allows ideas to spread faster across the world mind than most all other mediums combined.  

Chad Lilly,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wiki-Stinks of Cointelpro #WikiLeaks

There is one thing you'll never see on TV, and that's something they don't want you to see. And where did the world first learn about WikiLeaks?

Media is the most effective weapon of war. When you can handcraft the paradigm of the masses it becomes much easier to win their hearts and minds ... because you're the one telling them how to feel and what to think in the first place.

Everything you see on TV is written, filmed, edited, produced and approved by The Machine, because mainstream media IS a product of The Machine. 

So the idea that something The Machine really wants to keep secret would be broadcast across every TV screen in the Matrix leads me to believe that WikiLeaks stinks of Cointelpro.

To put it in perspective to the world of social media ... imagine you have 1 million followers on Twitter or 1 million subscribers on YouTube ... would you allow someone to broadcast a message to your audience of which you did not approve? Then, why would you assume commercial broadcasting companies would ever allow one second of content to go out over their satellites ... unless it was a message already approved by The Machine they serve?

The only inside information we need ... is inside us already.

Chad Lilly,

PS, have you heard? A Day in the Mind was finally approved
for US Kindle Distribution, after three months of being 'in review'
(thanks Amazon)