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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm lines in the night
spoken both aloud
and whispered ...

writing pictures painted
by unseen painters
with invisible ink

like a soul's life-line

my edges can be
difficult to trace
with mere finger-tips

my profile
merely a glimpse
of my many inner faces:

I'm what the rabbit
Alice was following
was late for ...

the night that makes the eve hallowed

a spring in a gear that turns a wheel
behind the face of Father Time ...

I'm ... a single birthday candle
burning for Earth's adopted children ...

{make a wish}

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Louder Than Words

an internal play
on words self-defined...
every now
every vow
a promise
a truth
in actions
louder than

evergreen dreams, (coming soon) - Chad Lilly A Day in the Mind Uncommon Sense

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Instant Writing #33

Everything is a facade ... vanity is king in the land of make-believe ... we are all pawns, knights, bishops, and queens engaged in a game of endless chess ... check ... rook seven to queen four ... every move is another step towards ... balance ... everyone wants to win the game ... acceptance and love being the goal ... everyone wants more ... and I don't mean for Christmas ... surely Jesus would have to laugh at that ... but who am I to question? ... or present evidence contrary to the facts at hand? ... believe what you want ... believe what you will ... swallow the multi-colored pills prescribed by the same organization who orchestrated the Tuskegee experiment for forty-years ... oops ... can I say that yet? Yes, that was declassified in 1989 ... now I'm allowed to say it aloud ... always remember / follow protocol ... CYA ... leave no loose ends ... no liabilities ... leave bread crumbs leading in the opposite direction ... be like the fox who lays tracks where he didn't go ... it's all for show ... use their perceptions against them ... other children grew up learning to play football ... repair cars ... or just watch the T.V. ... I learned about 'problem - reaction - solution' modus operandi and DUMB's ... about HAARP and AI drones ... about the properties of electromagnetic frequencies applied to states of resonance on human beings ... 12.3 GHz makes humans BE ... 13.2 aggravates them ... 9 makes them sad ... 5 or less is suicide ... and 14 plus makes them postal ... these are still things I'm not allowed to speak aloud ... but I've never been so good with authority ... like I said ... everything is a facade ... a charade coming apart at the seams ... and our own beliefs are the most effective weapon ... being used against us.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thought Traffic

Follow me on this ...

approx. half the world
is sleeping, while
half the world is awake

literally, I mean, on one
side of the world it's dark
and the masses are asleep,
on the other it's day
and people are awake
and living their lives ...

what if ... one is a cause
of effects in the other?

what if ... the alpha wave states
from millions of people dreaming,
stream into the consciousness
of those awake?

what if ... our dreams are actually
scenes from the lives of others?

every artists paints
or writes
or drinks
or plays at night
because there is
less 'thought traffic'
with the masses
fast asleep,
there's more room
in the ether for dreamers to see
through the window
in the mind ... and view
that landscape made
of light, rather than matter,
where dreams are lucid lives
lived daily.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flying Dreams

'Floating' would be a more accurate description of what occurs in many of my dreams, just an ability to hover inches or feet off the ground, especially in moments of anxiety. The act of floating also seems to trigger my ability to be awake in the dream ... or to be lucid. In moments of danger, or boredom, (as in last night's dream) ... I find myself able to hover above situations, or a crowd of people, and from that point of view I continue as an active observer within the dream.

Last night was only a half lucid dream. I was aware that I was in a dream and able to choose my own actions, such as the hovering, however, I continued to follow the storyline of the dream, even though it was quite mundane. 

I was working for my uncle's roofing company and doing the day to day work (which is brutal by the way), and during our breaks the whole crew was standing around the site talking or having lunch ... and this is where the hovering began. (My uncle, Paul, eventually had to pull me aside to basically say, "Hey, knock of all this flying around and get back to work.")

I think dreams are real. Real worlds in which we 'live', not with our bodies, but with the parts of ourselves that are eternal and not limited to any set number of dimensions. 

I also think the worlds are merging. The dream world and the 'real' world are slowly becoming the same place and this is why: What we think --- happens.

Good Morning.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Divine Chaos (only for this moment)

I am alive
and flowing
with the stream

rising when the current
falling when the current

this is the nature
of being alive
in a world where
change is the constant.

Only in the stream
are we awake
enough to create
what we desire

only in the stream
are we alpha
and omega combined

only in the stream
can we align ourselves
with synchronicity ...

so be here now.

The past and future
are truly illusions,
our prayers and regrets
are equally useless ...
if everything really
happens for a reason.

Both fear and faith
are based on the assumption
that we have control over
a n y t h i n g

either this moment is divinely timed
perfectly in the stream---or it's just chaos
happening at random---you can decide;
but either way, this truth remains:
what can you really do about it?

So let go of the rope,
loosen the noose
from around your neck
and breathe in a breath
of this moment's air

it's all you can do
it's all that makes sense
it's all that will ever make
the nausea go away;
even if it's only
for this moment.

Sounds of Autumn

Sounds of Autumn fall all around my ears, while I observe landscapes of green fading back to brown. Time has a way of playing with perceptions, her face is filled with hands always reaching for that next second ... in spite of this one.

Spinning seasons cycle our RNA and we call them: Changes. Our very nature is encoded with the shifts we seek to see from the outside----in, we're more than men pretending to be mice running in vertical circles ... around and around ... spinning our wheel to turn another gear in the machine we run ... in the machine that runs us.

Unplug from their reflections and connect with your inner messages ... speak prophecy ... write YOURS rather than repeating (His)story to your children.