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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why I Think #SandyHook Is A Fraud

For the record, when I became aware of the Sandy Hook event, my first impression was not that this was a hoax, or conspiracy, and when I started seeing videos of people claiming this to be the case, I thought ... 'oh great, here we go again.' It was only after I began doing my own research that I've come to this conclusion. And below is my list of reasons why I do not 'believe' the official story.

1. Not one parent shed a single tear over their dead child. All of them smiled on TV within days of the event, and ran as fast as they could to do interviews promoting Gun Control.
2. Not one parent viewed their child's body. A state official showed them a photograph of their child and said, "Sorry, your child is dead, and we can't show you the body." ... and 20 parents just smiled and said, "Well, Ok, if you say so." I don't think so. And anyone with children knows better than this.
3. Police Scanners indicate up to 6 suspects. News helicopter footage shows Police chasing several people into the woods, and detaining them. Police scanners also indicate 2 possible suspects in a van, possibly dressed as nuns. Eyewitness footage during an interview indicates that one of the men detained was placed in the front of a police cruiser. And none of it was ever mentioned again.
4. Police Scanners indicate MULTIPLE weapons found inside the school 'including long rifles AND shotguns' (plural) ... which is more than any one person can carry, yet ... the Media says ONLY handguns were used.
5. The mainstream media reported several versions of the official story, starting, of course, with the shootings being committed with an AR15, then changed their story AGAIN to say that only handguns were used. They also fail to mention one word about the multiple rifles and shotguns found inside the school in correlation with Police Scanners.
6. The official story claims Adam Lanza shot out the 'bullet proof glass' to enter the school using a .40 caliber handgun. This is what happens to 'bullet proof glass' when you shoot it point blank with a .40 caliber handgun:  Any questions?
7. NO surveillance footage has been made available to the public, even though mainstream media KNOWS people are not buying it, as evidenced by how they felt the need to 'debunk' those 'crazy conspiracy theories' surrounding Sandy Hook.
8. $8.5 million was distributed to the families via the Sandy Hook Support Fund. The parents of Sandy Hook received approx. $700,000 each PLUS the funds they're still collecting on donations. Why? And ... the United Way donation page collecting funds for the victims of this tragedy was published online 3 days before Sandy Hook supposedly happened. How?
9. Adam Lanza is listed as having died on December 13, 2012.
Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven
10. There is very little evidence that 'Adam Lanza' ever existed.
11. Peter and Nancy Lanza are documented as having only one child Adam Peter Lanza, 22 years old (ie: Ryan Lanza now)
12. Several supposed eye witnesses to the shooting initially gave completely false reports, such as Nancy Lanza being a teacher at Sandy Hook, even taking the time to detail how she was such a great teacher, 'just the kind of teacher you'd want your students to have', they said. Then they changed their story, again, to admit that she had no connection to the school at all. Who fabricated this 'report', and why?
13. I am aware of the UN Small Arms Treaty for Disarmament.
14. I am aware of Operation Mockingbird.
15. The Chief Medical Examiner claimed that ALL wounds were inflicted by long guns, the Media claims ONLY handguns were used. So ... which is it?
16. Robbie Parker laughing and smiling before his speech to the press, then saying, "Are we ready to start?" while he proceeded to change his smiling, happy expression to one of badly acted out grief.
17. The parents' attitude and words they used during interviews mere days afterward is absolutely absurd. Every parent and sibling was glowing with excitement and happiness. This is beyond ludicrous to anyone who has ever experienced the profound effects of grief over the loss of a loved one, as well as to anyone with even a modicum of common sense.
18. Many of the parents of Sandy Hook were new to town (Newtown) then mysteriously moved away afterwards.
19. Cathy Gaubert's daughter's photo being used as one of the deceased children ... then later changed with no explanation after she complained online. CNN is showing pictures of other peoples' children, who are still alive, claiming them as victims of Sandy Hook ... and they wonder why people with sense are questioning this event?
20. There has been NO EVIDENCE presented that Sandy Hook actually happened. All evidence has been sealed and new laws have even been enacted to keep all evidence away from the public.
21. There are no medical records of any survivors being taken to nearby hospitals. Natalie Hammond & another individual, who was never named, were said to have been shot in their lower extremities, yet, no records exist of them being admitted to Griffin or Danbury Hospital. Danbury is assigned by the State of CT to handle all mass casualty incidents and is 12 miles away from Sandy Hook. Police scanners (@ 11:23:27 am) confirmed this when confused officers started to contact dispatch about why no survivors were arriving. Danbury Hospital issued a statement on December 15, 2012, where they mention admitting one female who worked at Sandy Hook, who was in good condition, and two children they pronounced dead, but they would not reveal any names. There is no mention of the other unnamed survivor being admitted, nor are there any records of Natalie Hammond being admitted. As with every other detail of Sandy Hook, all records have been sealed and are not available to the public.    
22. There is no record of the crime scene being cleaned afterwards by any State Approved Agency, which is a law relating to any situation where bio-hazards, like blood, are found.
23. Sandy Hook is being demolished ... how many other schools have been demolished due to a mass shooting?
24. Arial footage clearly shows crowds aimlessly walking in circles around the firehouse during the 'drill'.
25. There was a FEMA drill scheduled the same day as the supposed shooting occurred, (19 miles away). It's called L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.
26. There were several facebook memorial pages posted about the Sandy Hook victims days BEFORE it supposedly happened. As well as news stories and donation sites that were all added to the internet days BEFORE December 14th, 2012. How is this possible?
27. The Adam Lanza 'Rambo story' is entirely unrealistic to anyone who knows anything about firearms. For it to be true would mean this untrained 120 lb. kid could out perform every Marine Sniper, Ranger, and SEAL combined, all while being Autistic, and carrying a good percentage of his body weight, by the way.
28. I am aware of how 'False Flags' are used to manufacture the consent of populations.
29. As a professional graphic designer who has been working in Photoshop for the last 11 years, I know the photos presented by the Media of both Adam Lanza and the supposed children and their families HAVE BEEN ALTERED.
30. The children who were supposedly killed at Sandy Hook sang at this year's Superbowl. (For smart people ... this should be a really big clue) - PICTURES
31. To this day, there is NO MOTIVE for 'Adam Lanza' to have committed this crime at Sandy Hook.
32.  Interestingly, most everyone involved in Sandy Hook happens to be an actor. From Gene Rosen, to the parents of the supposed children, to many of the 'eye-witnesses'.
33. Gene Rosen ... everything he ever said, or did, leads me to think he's absolutely full of shit. I've also viewed his 'Rehearsal Video' where he was running his lines.
34. How the media has USED Sandy Hook to spoon-feed people the United Nation's Small Arms Treaty, word for word. Including the children who wrote to Obama (all by themselves, parents were quick to add) requesting new legislation where 'ONLY Police and Military could have guns'. From the mouths of babes, huh?
35. The SHILL Factor: If you are not aware of Operation Mockingbird, then you'll think this is 'CRAZY', however, anyone who has done their homework knows the CIA uses social media sites, like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to manage the perceptions of the masses. During Sandy Hook, and for weeks following it, I personally watched the Shill accounts being created in real time on Twitter. These brand new accounts (some of them with less than 10 tweets, 0 following, and 0 followers) IMMEDIATELY appeared and instantly began attacking anyone who said anything contrary to the official story. These Shill accounts were created specifically to push the Sandy Hook official story as well as the UN's Gun Control Agenda, which they continue doing to this day.
36. The 'Newtown Bee' initially reported that principle Dawn Hocksprung gave an account of the shooter entering the school. How can this be possible when Dawn Hocksprung is also reported to have been one of the first victims to die?
37. The Chief Medical Examiner Wayne Carver was asked directly, "How many of the victims were boys and how many girls?" To which he replied, "I don't know." His remarks about how he hopes that Newtown doesn't have this come crashing down on their heads later is also absurdly interesting.
38. Most of the 'Eyewitnesses' interviewed in the Media saw NOTHING, and only mention hearing sounds, which many of the children described as 'Banging' that they thought might have been a janitor dropping things or 'kicking a door'. As an owner of an AR15 and a Glock17, the sounds they produce are unmistakable. Even wearing ear protection outside in a open space, these rounds are supersonic, each shot breaks the sound barrier (which is the 'bang' you hear when a gun is fired), inside a closed space this is so powerful it can shatter your ear drums. Even if you've never heard gunfire, there is no way to mistake this as 'someone banging' or 'kicking a door'.
39. Initially CNN showed their viewers the entrance to another school with Police running in the front during a drill. This school was not Sandy Hook, it was St. Rose of Lima. This footage has been verified by MANY people, yet, one year later CNN is STILL running that same footage and calling it Sandy Hook. Why?
40. Even though the Media was present all day during the Sandy Hook event, there is no media footage of the children exiting the school. Only one photo was ever shown.
41. Several tweets with time stamps have been located indicating Media crews staging (or setting up) in Treadwell Park BEFORE Sandy Hook occurred. The earliest was at 9:34 am ... one minute before the official police alert was issued.
42. IMMEDIATELY following Sandy Hook, a number of 'Celebrities' took to Twitter, on que, and began pushing the Gun Control Agenda. Their emotional, 'heart-pulling' 'Enough Is Enough' commercial ran across the networks like a runaway freight train filled (word for word) to capacity with the UN's Small Arms Treaty Agenda. These are the same celebrities who employ armed bodyguards.
43. Piers Morgan, who was fired from the Daily Mirror in the UK and escorted from the building after FALSIFYING staged photos during the Iraq war, has been on CNN whining and crying about Sandy Hook and that EVIL AR15 (that wasn't used) for a year straight. This is the same guy who gets paid $2.1 million a year to push The Agenda on the 6 people who still watch CNN, while having security signs in his front yard(s) detailing the fact that his property is secured by ARMED guards. No duplicity there, huh?        
44. An increasing number of nameless, faceless, trolls have taken it upon themselves to upload 100's of misleading spoof videos about Sandy Hook---all with one common theme---to 'make fun' of ANYONE asking any questions about Sandy Hook. Anyone who does not 'believe' the official story of this event is ridiculed by people whose only presentable evidence is 'I saw it on the News'.
45. A large number of Sandy Hook videos containing damning evidence, or asking unanswered questions by the Media have been removed by YouTube. ... Why?
46. I am aware of Operation Gladio.
47. I am aware of Operation Northwoods.
48. We are told that teachers escorted children from the school with their eyes closed to prevent the kids from seeing the carnage that was supposedly apparent in the hallways leading outside. This would indicate that bodies were present along their path of exit, which would also mean blood was present on the floor, yet, there is not one bloody footprint anywhere in the parking lot. How can that many children walk through hallways littered with bodies, with their eyes closed, and never step in a single drop of blood? And if the hallways were covered, or the children were routed away from the blood and bodies ... why would the children need to close their eyes?
49. We're told that no surveillance footage can be shown of the actual shooting due to it's graphic nature, even though CNN has no problem showing children in Syria who've been supposedly hit with Sarin gas, for 3 weeks straight, however, Officials initially claimed that Adam Lanza went to Sandy Hook on Dec 13th and had an altercation with 4 of the school's staff members. So ... why can't we see that footage of Adam at Sandy Hook on the 13th? *UPDATED: I have found footage of news stations retracting their entire story of Adam Lanza having any altercation with school staff members on December 13th. So, again, they've completely changed their story. And again, Adam Lanza has no motive for going to Sandy Hook. So, why can't we see the surveillance footage from the front door security cameras of Adam shooting his way through the 'bullet proof' glass? Surely that wouldn't be 'too graphic' and would go a long way toward providing some evidence that any of this ever happened.
50. Immediately following Sandy Hook, each of the parents involved were assigned their own state police security detail. Why? If the 'lone wolf gunman' 'Adam Lanza' was killed at the scene ... why would all of these families require 24 hour police protection? From whom were these parents being guarded? The Public? Is this standard procedure in a mass shooting? Did every parent who lost a child at Virginia Tech receive police protection from the state of Virginia? Why is every single aspect of Sandy Hook an anomaly?
51. The large numbers of people filmed at Sandy Hook wearing colored badges that just happen to correspond with the same color codes FEMA uses during drills, as well as the evidence of restroom facilities and potable water being provided, again, according to the FEMA Handbook.
52. The Newtown clerk, Debbie Aurelia, has refused to issue a single death certificate for any victim of Sandy Hook. These were later, supposedly, released to News Agencies, who still refuses to show them.
53. A pdf document titled "Talking With your Child about the Sandy Hook Tragedy" was published online December 10, 2012.
54. Joe Jones:

On December 14, 2012 I posted a $5,000.00 cash reward on my Facebook page and on several Internet message forums, making this reward payable to anyone who could provide PROOF to me that Sandy Hook really happened, and that 20 kids and 6 adults were shot and killed by Adam Lanza using a rifle that the liberal gun grabbers have called "an assault weapon"  at SH Elementary School on 12/14/2012. Over one year later, NO ONE has attempted to collect the reward.

On January 1, 2014, I raised that reward to $10,000.00.  I have a standing offer of a $10,000.00 cash reward payable to anyone who can provide me with irrefutable proof that Sandy hook was NOT staged. There are conditions to claim the reward, but anyone with REAL evidence of these deaths should easily collect the reward after a thorough investigation of the evidence presented proves said evidence to be "irrefutable."

To date, NO ONE has attempted to claim this reward.  What does that tell you?

Claimants must sign a legal contract with me in front of my attorney and a Kentucky Judge.  You will affirm by this contract, that the evidence you provide is accurate and true, and that IT DOES IN FACT PROVE that these 28 deaths (including Adam Lanza and his mother) occurred as we have been told. 

Claimant will submit collateral of $100,000.00 in value which will be used to secure a proper investigation.  I will pay for this investigation using REAL private investigation firms.  I am prepared to invest up to $100,000.00 into this investigation. 

If the investigation concludes that the evidence submitted is IRREFUTABLE, I will pay $10,000.00 to the claimant and return claimant's collateral. However, if the evidence proves to be FALSE, the collateral will be seized to compensate me for the costs of the time and money wasted following up on the claimant's 'wild goose chase.'

False evidence submitted in an attempt to collect the reward will result in prosecution of claimant in BOTH a civil court for Breach of Contract AND in criminal court for the felony of FRAUD, for knowingly submitting false evidence in an attempt to defraud me out of $10,000.00.

My offer is REAL.  My money is REAL.  If you want to claim the reward, you should make absolutely certain that your "evidence" is REAL.

You may contact me at



(I will be adding to this list, as new information becomes available. I want to thank every independent researcher who has been working to uncover what really happened at Sandy Hook, and I welcome anyone to add to this list, or correct any error I have made.)

Just Released Sandy Hook 'Official' Police Report:
* Over 7000 pages of a report, 17 hours of video, and hundreds of photos have recently been released by the Newtown Police. This FINAL REPORT is supposed to conclude what really happened, and serve as the CASE CLOSED final nail in the coffin of this lie. Having reviewed this information for myself, I challenge anyone to look at it and point out one single piece of evidence therein that confirms Sandy Hook even happened, more or less, occurred the way we're told. The videos are broken up into hour long segments and all but 5-7 mins of each video has been completely redacted. This immense volume of material is ALL SHOW, and NO TELL. And every Fake Gov. Shill account on Twitter is tweeting about the release of this information as if it was the holy grail of all proof. It is by far the most ludicrous thing I've ever seen.*

Conclusion: Sandy Hook was one of many False Flag / Psychological Operations being conducted on the American People to manufacture the consent of masses into accepting the UN's Small Arms Treaty and Agenda 21 global programs. Sandy Hook was the Problem, designed to create the Reaction of public outcry against guns, so the Solution of the UN's Disarmament Agenda could be implemented, thus creating the 'New Towns', outlined in Agenda 21.

What To Do About It:

'There's no point in knowing if you're not going to do anything about what you know.'

1. Share this information with others. Make people aware of what is being done to them.
2. Confront the Media every chance you get about Sandy Hook. Not to convince them of anything, because they already know, but to let them know that you know they're lying. Keep asking them questions, and demand answers. 
3. Practice your first amendment right to speak up and protest by peacefully confronting any Newtown Parents touring your town to Preach their Agenda. Many of them have taken their message (and their donation sites) to Twitter, where you are free to ask them anything you like, at any time. They are easy to find, most of them are directly connected to the official Sandy Hook Promise accounts. 
4. Buy Guns And Get Training. The end goal of these False Flags is to Disarm Populations and make them defenseless. So do the opposite. It's not enough to just buy a gun, contrary to what you see in the movies, without training you won't be very effective with it, and you may even endanger yourself or others. GET TRAINING. I realize this sounds extreme, however, it's exactly what I've done since Sandy Hook, and I'd be remiss if I didn't advise you to do the same.
5. (Enter Your Suggestion Here) ....