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Monday, August 9, 2010

try it when ...

it's easy to smile
after winning the lottery

it's easy to smile
when you're not bleeding
internally or infected
with life-threatening

it's easy to be nice
when the sky is blue
and birds are
singing your song

it's easy to give
when you have it all

it's easy to love puppies
and kittens and bunny rabbits

it's easy to praise God
for the blessings

sunshine and ice cream

it's easy to see
the beauty around you
when you feel
beautiful inside

but it's hard to smile
after being kicked
in the teeth

or stabbed in the knee

it's hard to be patient
when you are on fire

it's hard to be nice
with people standing
on your tongue

it's difficult to be
thankful for toxic waste
and BTK

it's hard to breathe
when oxygen smells
like ammonia

it's hard to be optimistic
when you're face down in vomit
and can't get up

it's easy to see
why some people
don't make it.

- evergreen dreams, Chad Lilly

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