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Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Interview Questions: The Bailey Consortium

Mike "Tiny" Bailey, The Bailey Consortium -
Blog Interview Questions for Chad Lilly:

What is the name of your company/business? - InnerCircle Publishing

What got you into this business originally and how long have you been doing it?

I founded ICP in 2000 and I started it to create a way for those writing 'awareness' to have a place to publish it.

What is your favorite aspect of what you do?

Watching thoughts become things that contribute to the world around us.

What would you say is your specific area of expertise?

Design. I've created both the interior page layouts and cover designs for about 90% of the 70 titles we're published.

What can you tell my readers about a normal day in your business?

That it's different every single day, seven days a week, depending on our current publishing projects and daily activities. Aside from publishing, we also run a network of radio shows called Aware Talk Radio with 12 live shows per week hosted by our Authors. Some days I'm dreaming up a book cover design and then creating it, some days I'm figuring and paying monthly sales compensation to Authors, some days I'm updating the website with new features, other days I'm mostly on Twitter promoting the work we publish.

What 5 things would you say are the most important contributing factors to how your end product turns out?:

1 - The Author's vision for the book.
2 - Our ability to design and create something original based on the Author's vision. We don't use templates, every title is an original design.
3 - The experience we've acquired from designing and publishing over 70 titles.
4 - Our high end print quality for perfect bound / hardcover / full color books.
5 - At ICP, the Author retains 100% creative control over their book designs by providing the final approval, so they are happy with it before it ever goes to print.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone new to your industry?

For Authors?: Publishing the book will be the easy part, the work comes afterward, forever. For Publishers?: If you fail to incorporate cooperation into your existing structure, you will no longer be around.

Where can my readers view your work and find out more about you or your business? - - -

How do you market your business? What works well for you? (facebook, linkedin, myspace, filedby, yellow pages, tv ads, etc)

We've never advertised conventionally, ICP has always grown by word of mouth. And now that word of mouth is more digital via social media sites like you mentioned, we use them ALL.

If you could network with any three complimentary business, what types of business would they be?:

1 - A syndicated radio network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on their for their audience.
2 - A syndicated television network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on for their audience.
3 - Book promoters from the PUBLIC, directly connected with us to offer our work to their audience for referrals.

If you could partner with any three people/companies specifically, who would they be?

1 - Premier Radio Networks
2 - Rolling Stone Magazine (they could use a cover designer) ;-p
3 - Those aware and willing to share our work because they see it too.

Would you tell my readers some about your personally? (family, likes, dislikes, hobbies):

- I'm an only child.
- Likes: Wine. Unanswerable Questions & Red Heads. ;-)
- Dislikes: Internet Trolls.
- Hobbies: Twitter.

Tell us about your published works and what inspired you.

I began writing poetry at the age of 15, and I've yet to discover where it really comes from, or why I can hear it.

How can my readers contact you for your services?

From any of our websites, via twitter @icpchad or even directly by phone 509 895 9023.

THANKS for the questions.
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