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Thursday, August 26, 2010

humans being light

I'm certain the seas of change
will cause the tides to rise
higher than the waterline
of accepted norms

above the marks
of individuals

beyond the storms
of cause and effect

to mesh with the
unity underneath
the chaos we see
on the surface

wind rippled waters
chop tranquility
into pieces
too small to taste

into minutes
too few to notice

into doublespeak
spoken on tv
by politicians
seeking a bigger office
and better view of the world
begging at their feet

what a relief death must be
to those who've lived their life
as slaves to the illusion

daily devoted
to worshipping the flesh
seeking to remedy the fear
with excessive
material possession
and instant gratification
designed to feed every
glutton's hunger
for more

what tragedy must it be
to never have known
the treasure you seek
has been hidden inside you
by the maker of gold

how ironic that if ever
'the silver cord be loosed'
the soul's connection
with the body

what divine order
governs and guides
this silent symphony
of echoes

repeated over lifetimes
into the ears of children
who grow up and remember
to be more than the sum
of their environment added to
false truths believed since birth

to be more than consumers
with coupons to purchase
a life sentence at half
the advertised retail price

how nice it would be
if each and every soul
said, "No."
to the sales pitch
of separation
and, "Yes."
to the connection
we share as
humans being light
made of matter
and scattered like
dust by universal winds
blowing dark matter
around in circles and disturbing
the fabric of creation
with holes we tear
into ourselves.

- evergreen dreams, Chad Lilly
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