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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flying Dreams

'Floating' would be a more accurate description of what occurs in many of my dreams, just an ability to hover inches or feet off the ground, especially in moments of anxiety. The act of floating also seems to trigger my ability to be awake in the dream ... or to be lucid. In moments of danger, or boredom, (as in last night's dream) ... I find myself able to hover above situations, or a crowd of people, and from that point of view I continue as an active observer within the dream.

Last night was only a half lucid dream. I was aware that I was in a dream and able to choose my own actions, such as the hovering, however, I continued to follow the storyline of the dream, even though it was quite mundane. 

I was working for my uncle's roofing company and doing the day to day work (which is brutal by the way), and during our breaks the whole crew was standing around the site talking or having lunch ... and this is where the hovering began. (My uncle, Paul, eventually had to pull me aside to basically say, "Hey, knock of all this flying around and get back to work.")

I think dreams are real. Real worlds in which we 'live', not with our bodies, but with the parts of ourselves that are eternal and not limited to any set number of dimensions. 

I also think the worlds are merging. The dream world and the 'real' world are slowly becoming the same place and this is why: What we think --- happens.

Good Morning.
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