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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Divine Chaos (only for this moment)

I am alive
and flowing
with the stream

rising when the current
falling when the current

this is the nature
of being alive
in a world where
change is the constant.

Only in the stream
are we awake
enough to create
what we desire

only in the stream
are we alpha
and omega combined

only in the stream
can we align ourselves
with synchronicity ...

so be here now.

The past and future
are truly illusions,
our prayers and regrets
are equally useless ...
if everything really
happens for a reason.

Both fear and faith
are based on the assumption
that we have control over
a n y t h i n g

either this moment is divinely timed
perfectly in the stream---or it's just chaos
happening at random---you can decide;
but either way, this truth remains:
what can you really do about it?

So let go of the rope,
loosen the noose
from around your neck
and breathe in a breath
of this moment's air

it's all you can do
it's all that makes sense
it's all that will ever make
the nausea go away;
even if it's only
for this moment.

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