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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reverse Dichotomy

We've been wandering along the hallways of insecurity for long enough ... that stuff of dreams is not made of pasts, precedents, or even from pieces of another's dream ... the sacred material that makes things come true ... is more than IN you ... it is you ... and for ages we've be taught to cast inner shadows and demons upon our dreams ... and those of others ... eclipsing our collective vision with divisions infinitely instilled in us from the inside ... out ...

for too long ... too many have been too afraid to shout the things that subtle voices whisper ... too many feel secure, safely tucked away in a pastor grazing on the grass of fabrication ... happily waiting for some farmer to slaughter them for his own profit ... too many professional sheep working along side the dogs to keep mindsets fallow and to prevent understanding from ever being harvested ...

our insights have been crop dusted and sprayed with toxins more toxic than DDT ... these agents and inhalants pollute cognitive processes, not just bodies ... they coagulate between synapses to keep them from firing ... they derail trains of thought and blow up paradigms before they are planted ... and we've swallowed them a handful at a time for soooooooooooooo loooooooooooong now ... that there's too many of us having too few thoughts of our own ... and waaaaaaaaaay too many of us who are more than happy to have another do it for us.

Chad Lilly

Friday, July 30, 2010

Steady, Aim, FIRE ...

Safety off ... cocked and loaded ...
steady and aiming for the
one shot, one kill ... headshot,

"target down"

the ordinance is mass marketed
while stray bullets find homes
inside the brains of innocent viewers
watching TV ...

propaganda aimed at the truth
to make you think of everything else ...

it's called reverse anti-thesis
and this shit works ...

because 'enemy-centered' mentalities
dominate our society ...

see ... you have can't have Jesus
without Satan ...

you can't have Christmas
without Samhain ...

you can't have freedom
without slavery ...

call me Nate Turner,
cause I just learned to read
and what I see
makes me
want to lead the revolt
of saints against
their killers ...

against the media
lying ...

against the corporations
lying ...

against the churches
lying ...

against the religions
lying ...

against the system
that's been built around you
while you were busy watching
MTV ...

CNN ...

FAUX news made to get you to respond
to problem-reaction-solutions
until you're ready, willing, and able
to give up ...

give in ...

give them control
over that last piece of your soul ...

and accept the mark of:

Bar codes embedded
into foreheads,
scan the brain
for any thoughts
of insurgency ... better keep your
mind closed ... or else ...

they'll do it for you.

Chad Lilly - evergreen dreams -  InnerCircle Publishing

Centered In Self

Tangled in twisted metaphors
circling the drain that sits
in the center of my mind

I see swirling images that collage
into an understanding that
in the center of everything ...

everything is touching ... every one ...
one and the same ... every one ...
one of a kind ... every one ...
divine in every way

Mr. Einstein, your underlying field
is no longer a theory, clearly,
all matter is unified by energy
touching this center we call spirit ...

and soon science will prove it
and religion will suppress it
and governments will deny it ...
but I don't need any of them to see

these tangled and twisted images
circling the drain that sits
in the center of my mind.

Chad Lilly - evergreen dreams

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hunting Unicorns

Seeking the end
of rainbows,
capturing leprechauns
in green and gold bags,
running from
manitaurs whose fangs
are made of ivory,
I catch and release
unicorns, play tag
with faries, and
hide from gnomes
who seek to find
out how and why
I can see them.

Chad Lilly, evergreen dreams

Instant Writing #32

There is no junk DNA.

No amino acid develops
into complex proteins
by chance, the odds of
multicellular organisms
deciding to grow legs
and stand is beyond
astronomical ...

and yet, here we are.

Nothing is random.

Grass grows only
under a waning moon,
hair and fingernails too,
tides rise and fall
according to the pull
of invisible forces ...

but we only believe
in what we see.

Religion preaches forgiveness,
while condeming sinners to hell,
eternity is only the beginning
of knowing thyself.

- Chad Lilly, evergreen dreams

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey, Obama, I Got Your Mandatory Health Care (Right Here)

Life is cumulative and what we do daily results in both our bodies and minds.

I am not a health and fitness fanatic. I'm of the opinion that you can run a marathon every day of your life, eat the best organic food, drink the purest water ... and still your body will die. But I do see value in being as capable as possible while you're alive, without relying on three handfuls of medication per day, designed to artificially do for your body what can be accomplished naturally in less than 20 mins a day.

For years, I've been doing 40 push ups every day. 20 in the morning, 20 at night. This takes a total of 2 minutes out of my day. This has nothing to do with trying to be stronger, or better defined, I do it because this exercise activates glands that excrete toxins from the body.

Recently, I began walking 1 mile a day. This takes 14 minutes.

And that's it. That's all I do. It doesn't sound like much, until you do the math:

40 push ups X 30 days = 1,200 per month.
1 mile a day X 30 days = 30 miles a month.


14,400 push ups per year.
360 miles of walking per year.

In 5 years, I will have walked 1,800 miles and did 72,000 push ups.

Life is cumulative. What did you do today?

Chad Lilly,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Morning

Pink Floyd's 'Pigs' plays on repeat
while I tweet my not-so-random thoughts
into the stream of Twitter's moving madness
to capture understanding from the inside out.


Synaptic responses fire faster when no thoughts happen,
it's the silence between those gaps where snapshots
of the whole get handed to viewers ... remotely
looking within.

'Know Thyself' reads our every sacred scripture ...
and still we look outside of ourselves
for some far off kingdom to come to us,
or another myth to save us from what we already are ...
and becoming more of by the day.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

How We Change Our Past

"What's done is done and can not be changed." - This is only half true. While what's done is done, it is only our memory of events that become our past, and how we choose to interpret them drastically determines our now. And while we can not change the actual events, or their effects on others, we CAN change the meaning of those events in our lives. Allow me to offer this example:

A relationship comes to a very unhappy ending. We feel hurt, abandoned, betrayed....etc. All of our negative emotions, anger, and fears are rolled into 'bad memories' of that person, where even a mere mention of places, phrases, and songs become a painful reminder of this disturbing time from our past. Painful scenes replay of all the plans that will never happen, those dreams of a shared future, collectively crucified with a single word: Goodbye.

This emotional state can persist for months, years, or even lifetimes.

But for our example, let's assume we meet someone new. And they are even more wonderful and we're even more in love ... etc. Something magic happens in our mind that sounds a little something like this:

"If it were not for that past relationship ending as it did, I would have never been brought to where I am now ... and looking back, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way."

And suddenly those same memories, those same songs, all of those same past events ... no longer hurt. The events themselves have not changed, yet, the meaning we give to them has, and now, everything feels 'better'. (Ever been there?)

I'd like to point out that it is not our new relationships that change our past events, though we tend to use people in this manner to achieve that purpose, but the moment we change the meaning of those same events we immediately experience a different now.

And this is how we change our past.

Chad Lilly,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Instant Writing #???????

Unplanned tragedies make the best lessons
and most interesting narratives
for telling later ...

nothing separate
except perception ...

we're all miners digging
for the golden remains of our former selves,
back where ancients were more adept than our modern tech
and the meaning of stars was much more than astrology
birthday party daily general-isms designed to make readers say:
"That sounds just like me." ...
when, really, every soul spans all spectrums
each capable of [be]ing God
through each piece at the same time ... I know,
it gets complicated
and diluted by history, centuries, and churches
who burn the book of life
to keep the true you
from ever being read.

- Chad Lilly Saturday 7/10/2010 10:22 pm pst