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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Sky Is Falling & It's Filled With Flaming Feces

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100% PROOF That HAARP Is Causing People To Act Stupid
13 New Jesus's Return To Earth To Make Shitty YouTube Videos
Dumb Desteni Cults For Dumber Dummies

What first inspired me about YouTube was having this direct connection with real people, virtually face to face, and hearing their insights and points of view on any given topic. The reality of a person willing to step in front of a camera and speak their mind unfiltered was more than refreshing when compared with the daily drivel delivered by the mainstream media machine.

But recently something has shifted in mass consciousness. It is as if the very foundations of logic and reason have given way and opened a floodgate of Bullshit upon the world with something even worse than propaganda: Pure Speculation Reported As Fact. 

And I intend to offer more than just my opinion in this blog, I will offer examples of this lunacy for you to view firsthand, so you may draw your own conclusions.

A NEW WINNER on the BS LEVEL: "Gabrielle Channa" AKA: Gail - By far the most disturbing, idiotic, gibberish, pretend nonsense I've ever heard in all of my life. This idiot actually makes the Desteni Drones sound intelligent. And here's the rub-----she appears to believe every single piece of feces that falls from her mouth. And after watching all of her videos on YouTube I have come to the conclusion that 'Gail' is much more than a moron with a webcam, in fact, I think this whole damn thing is a pysop. NO ONE can be this pathetically deluded and still manage a YouTube channel (notice how she intentionally disables ALL comments?)

Need I say more?

A "20 foot tall plejaren reptilian" who has come to save you all. (UPDATED: 3/23/2011 - This user has removed their account. One down, many to go ;-)

And next is for all you wanna be cult leaders ... YouTube's most imbecilic mind control cult: Desteni (Are you aware of the Desteni Cult scams on #YouTube? Help ELIMINATE them? #Flag/#Report EVERY video. Thanks.) UPDATED 8/10/2011 - DESTENI IS DEAD!!!!!!!! ;-) ... Are you seeing a pattern here yet?)

One of my all time favorite types of stupid people are these idiots who are not only 100% full of farm fresh grade A bullshit, but they actually pretend as if they KNOW that their bullshit is true. Like, Collen Thomas: UPDATED: 8/10/2011 Colesakick (her YouTube Channel .... IS DEAD NOW.)

And then, of course, we have the epic delusions of grandeur from people who KNOW that they are Jesus Christ and have returned to earth in the flesh to make shitty YouTube videos about how they are Jesus Christ returned to earth in the flesh. (Updated: 5/26/2011 YES! And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust')

While the breed of ALERTER YouTubers flood the internet with WARNING videos. Everyday, a new doomsday scenario about the sun, about aliens landing on exactly October 14th, 2010, about HAARP, about the NWO, about the poles shifting on exactly March 15th, 2011 ... just an endless list of their every speculation and fear REPORTED as absolute FACT. And even after their EVERY prediction has failed, they will upload another video tomorrow about the NEXT COMING CRISIS, and thousands of people will STILL watch and subscribe to their channel.

It is as if we have become addicted to bullshit. As if we've elevated nonsense and stupidity to the highest level and called this wisdom. 

There is so much of this BS floating around that it's difficult to find real people on YouTube anymore. And I think this kind of BS is even worse than the propaganda machine spitting out daily ads to subconsciously direct the audience's line of sight, because this garbage is coming out of the mouths of people who genuinely pretend to believe every single word of it. 

And I'm sick of it. Are you?

Connect with me on YouTube and let's DO something about it.
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