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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Medically Speaking

Sick since the beginning ...
swimming in infinity
searching for the shore,
seeking the source and
maker of waves, who
causes tides to rise and fall
and tsunamis to collide with all the symbols
of civilized life---drowning
in themselves.

Sick of the mundane ...
the dogma accepted
in repetition and
worshipped as religion.

Sick of the propaganda ...
educated eyes blindfolded
by media designed to
keep the masses asleep,
least they awaken and revolt
against the madness
that drives them insane.

Sick of the game ...
Simon Says: quit playing
follow-the-leader with
serial killers
and madmen.

I bring you a new commandment:
'Learn to leave each other alone.'

Sick of the taste ...
not willing to swallow
rotten concepts wrapped
in even the best of intentions.

Sick of the waiting ...
playing ... planning,
sick of hours casting
shadows on the day
and eclipsing
my luminosity.

Chad Lilly ... 1 of 300 currently unpublished poems ... anyone know a publisher?
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