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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Preaching With Scissors

The ennui of philosobabble
has driven sane men mad
and doublespeak keeps
secret things hidden
in plain sight

like ... friendly fire
hosing a crowd of mistaken insurgents,
adding casualties in the war
against both sense and self

while spiritual health drowns
in shallow running streams
of relentless images flashing
subconsciously faster than any
frame rate per second can capture
to digitally rapture viewers
with subliminal sermons
more commonly called:

... and I ain't buying it

this neon lifestyle of
plastic people speaking
the tongue of dogma
is vomit that's been
regurgitated for centuries

... and I ain't swallowing it

it is a slavery being sold as gold
when really its just a rusty chain
to hang around your soul
and weigh down your wings
with dollar bills ...

and I hope you kept your receipt
for this paradigm of division

because unity is rising
and it's time to take it back ...

it's time to set it down


No more speeches
it's time to start
preaching with scissors.

Chad Lilly
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