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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How long before
the connection
between thought
and thing
become apparent?



How long before
the mass mindset
trades the complex
for the simple?

Intentionally Intricate.
Effectively Deceptive.

How long does it take
for this Pavalov-
to wear-off?

Ring, Ring.
Bark, Bark.
Tax Break.

The reflex action
automatically pukes
a conditioned response

programed to be stupid-docil-listless-
apathetic-broken-guilty-and always less
than acceptable in the eyes
of the moral majority... You're perfect!

When can you start?

- Chad Lilly, 'unpublished works' ... leave me a comment or tweet me @icpchad and let me know if this is worth ink and paper, please?
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