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Monday, January 24, 2011

A List of KNOWN YouTube Shill Accounts

Do you YouTube? I do too. And if you've been posting videos for any amount of time, especially videos with any 'Truth' content in them ... you might have noticed the following patterns of behavior and personalities appearing in the comments section of your videos:

- The 'Ad Homonym Andy': "You're A Fag." "You're Stupid." "Moron" - The 'Andy' shill is designed to provoke a response by directly attacking the messenger as to distract attention away from your message. 

- The 'Anal Cherry-Picker': "99.9989% of what you present is correct, EXCEPT: (enter misdirection here)" The 'Anal Cherry-Picker' is designed to get your audience to focus on some meaningless detail as to distract attention away from your message.

- The 'Firehose of Facts': "COPY & PASTE paragraphs of information from Wikipedia into 29 different comments on your video" The 'Firehose' shill is designed to get the audience distracted by EVERY insignificant fact that exists surrounding your message ... so people will focus of the useless details, rather than your message.

... and I will continue to add more as they pop up ... but these will suffice as examples of the behavior to which this blog is addressing ... which is:

These are not just your average pricks and idiots. I believe these are professionals paid to provoke, instigate, redirect, dis-inform, and manipulate the flow of public information.

"Ah, come on, Chad ... that's just how some people are." Yes, I know. However, those people generally don't do it for a living. For example, some of the accounts I've seen doing this on my videos, when you search ALL of the other comments they have posted to other videos, you quickly begin to see the SAME pattern. As if these people get out of bed in the morning and RUN straight to YouTube to begin posting 100s of comments on 100s of videos ... ALL DAY LONG. And EVERY comment they post follows along the SAME lines as those I've used above in the examples.

These are not random comments thrown on random videos, these are calculated operations being posted by MANY accounts which ALL have the following things in common:

- NO Original Videos.
- NO details or Personal Information Listed.
- "3" RANDOM / Meaningless videos either uploaded to their channel or as favorites.

I've seen 100s of these so far. In fact, I've blocked at least that many. 

I have come to believe that these accounts are really shills on the payroll, and they are part of a psyop to manage information. And up till now, what they are doing ... has worked.

You can see it has worked because of the number of arguments created in the comments section of videos that contain 'truth' info. All it takes is one troll to go in and start running their mouth ... and EVERYONE gets caught up in the argument, rather than the message. And this is what they are PAID to do. These shills are on the same team, they have the same goal, which is to divide and conquer by keeping people separated and distracted. 

To those of you who think I'm paranoid and way off, no worries, nothing to see here, please move along. To those of you who can see this for yourself and are interested in doing something about it ... please read on.

What can be done about this? {enter} OPERATION DUCT TAPE

The most effective thing we can do is to take away the ability of these shill accounts to run their mouth. They can only 'work' when they are permitted to comment on our channels. The best way to shut them down is simply to shut them up.

Here is what I am suggesting: EVERY TIME you find one of these shills BLOCK THEM and add their name and channel link in the comments section for this blog.

What will adding them to this list DO? It will target every account to be blocked by everyone who reads this  blog, which I will post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Every time someone blocks a shill account, that account loses their ability to 'work' there. 

Why not block and report them to YouTube? You can, if you like, but I think YouTube is aware of these accounts and this type of activity already. After all, they are Google / CIA. So telling the problem about the problem is probably not going to do much toward resolving the problem. But shutting down the ability of every account used to play this game on people ... will.
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